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Former ‘Lucky Seven’ to Become Nauck Town Square

by ARLnow.com March 12, 2013 at 11:15 am 1,601 26 Comments

The former Lucky Seven store in Nauck, closed since a fire last summer, was recently torn down and will eventually become part of a park.

Before the fire, in 2010, the property (2406 S. Shirlington Road) was purchased by Arlington County for $1.4 million, according to property records. The purchase followed a public process in 2006 to design a “Nauck Town Square,” a central public gathering place for the community that complements the developing Nauck Village Center commercial district on Shirlington Road.

The “town square” would incorporate the existing green space on the block, the Lucky Seven property and a still-privately-owned property at 2400 S. Shirlington Road. The county is now in discussions with the owner of that property about a possible acquisition, according to Chikwe Njoku, the county’s Neighborhood Revitalization Program Coordinator.

The current design for the Nauck Town Square includes “a public plaza with outdoor seating, landscaped areas with a water feature, decorative lighting, public art, and displays featuring the history of the community,” according to the county website. It will also feature either an open-air pavilion or an enclosed public multipurpose facility, for hosting entertainment and community events.

“Once completed, this Square will encompass the entire block and host a variety of community events both formal and informal,” the county said. “Additionally, it will provide an outdoor location for public art, Nauck interpretative historical elements, and outdoor entertainment.”

Njoku said it’s impossible to know exactly when the project will move forward, since it depends on the purchase of private property. He also said that the plans for the town square are likely to be “slightly different” than those conceived in 2006.

“There is no official timeline for this project yet since we are still in discussions with the owners on the acquisition of the final parcel,” Njoku said. “However, we are planning to engage the community this Fall and revisit the design that was developed as part of the Nauck Town Square Charrette. We will have a better idea of the project timeline by the time we start that process.”

  • FingerLickin’

    Will they bring back the New York Fried Chicken?

    • Nauck resident

      New York Fried Chicken was part of the Lucky Seven. It’s gone….

  • editor

    “by Arlington County or $1.4 million” or “by Arlington County FOR $1.4 million”?

  • We Didn’t Start the Fire

    “Before the fire, in 2010, the property (2406 S. Shirlington Road) was purchased by Arlington County or $1.4 million, according to property records. ”

    Hmm, so maybe the County wanted to, let’s say, “expedite” it’s plans to get that business out of its way and start the Town Square project?

  • Local Business Owner

    That would be f-king awesome!

    • Landrum

      That’s what I said!

  • fedworker

    So based on the ghost sketches of the buildings in the background does that mean the Iglesia Profectica Cristo Vive and the Green Valley Pharmacy will be leveled, too?

    • MethHead

      Didn’t GVP just get some kind of historic/can’t be torn down status?

      • fedworker

        Yeah you’re right. I recall reading about that on ArlNow

      • Has the Weenie Beenie achieved landmark status yet?

    • SArlingtonian

      No. Green Valley Pharmacy is across the street.

  • Really?


    • SamW

      Maybe the county bought it to prevent Wal-Mart from moving in.

    • huh?


      • Really?

        Your property tax is going up, police and fee depts are having their budgets cut. They are firing 20 current employees to cover a “large budget gap” an in the same breath they are spending money on parks…. If I spent my personal finances like the county spends theirs, I’d have a wonderfully landscaped law complete with electric car recharging stations, burger joints and a place for the homeless… But my roof would leak, my driveway would be full of pot holes, there would be less police and firefighters, but I wouldn’t care because I would have given myself a 5% raise.

        • speonjosh

          This is a good example of why it makes no sense to compare government budgets to household budgets.

        • Wha?

          Not to mention that plans, budgets, and contracts for projects like these are often put in place years before they actually happen, so it’s not like the county planners just woke up this morning and out of the blue decided to build a park. Save your outrage for something you actually understand.

  • Bob

    Do the informal events include Drug Deals?

  • G Clifford Prout

    Thank goodness it wasn’t another “town centre” With everything becoming a town centre these days I’ve lost track of where the center is.

    • Yeats in Olde Arlington

      Wherever it is, it probably won’t hold…..

  • SouthSideArl

    Awesome! A new open air drug market for gang members to congregate at the expense of million of dollars on the back of Arlington tax payers. My guess is that this square will be filled with litter and covered in spray paint one year after it’s finished.

    • Hank

      Yeah man, Nauck is just like the Wire! Omar comin’, yo!

  • GeoNews
  • Rusty Shackleford

    Will there be a bathroom? Because if there’s no bathroom I really don’t see the point.

    • CommonCents

      Theres enough loitering down there. A bathroom will just further encourage drug deals, drinking, and hanging out all day. Go to the bathroom at home or work, come enjoy the park, then go home. Parks weren’t intended to bring office chairs, and hang out all day long like you have nothing better to do…. Oh, wait…. Disregard.

  • Jimmy Jazz

    It should be a skate park.


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