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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com April 4, 2013 at 12:00 pm 1,025 30 Comments

Reevesland Oak at Bluemont Park by Ddimick (photo taken with iPhone 4S)

Parents Weigh in on School Boundary Proposal — A group of about two dozen parents spoke out about proposed changes to elementary school boundaries at an Arlington School Board hearing last night. While some parents asked that their children be kept in their current schools, Superintendent Patrick Murphy’s plan seemed to have more community support than previous attempts to redraw school boundaries. [Sun Gazette, Patch, Arlington Mercury]

DJO Softball Still Ranked #3 — Bishop O’Connell’s softball team is still ranked #3 in the nation, according to MaxPreps.com. The team is currently 6-0 on the season, and has outscored opponents 69-1. Bishop O’Connell will play two away games in Cumberland, Md. this weekend. [MaxPreps]

Crystal Towers Sells for Record Amount — Archstone Crystal Towers in Crystal City has sold for a regional record $322.25 million. The 912-unit apartment complex was purchased by Dweck Properties. [GlobeSt.com]

County Commissions Push for Alternate Cemetery Plan — Arlington’s Urban Forestry Commission and the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board are both encouraging an alternate expansion plan for Arlington National Cemetery. Local conservationists have criticized the current plan because it will result in hundreds of older trees being cut down. The plan being pushed by the Arlington groups would preserve many of the trees while adding thousands of additional burial sites. [Arlington Mercury]

Design Suggestions for Super Stop — A local designer is weighing in with suggestions for improving the $1 million “Super Stop” at Columbia Pike and S. Walter Reed Drive. The stop’s layout, seating and canopy should all be redesigned, says designer David Panarelli. Arlington County is currently “reassessing” the design and cost of the much-maligned bus stop. [Open the Window]

Flickr pool photo by Ddimick

  • Arlingtoon

    Must have been a group of hefty parents. Hope no one was hurt when they weighted in.

  • Sara

    This is the second time Crystal Towers has been sold in about a month. First time was as part of the Archstone-Equity deal.

    • CrystalMikey

      I bet it’s more for the land than the “oldi-ish” towers themselves.

    • seattleorpittsburgh

      All Archstone properties have been sold to either Equity or AvalonBay, and Crystal Towers isn’t the only property to be re-sold. Across the street, Crystal Houses were sold again to Mack-Cali/Roseland. I bet Equity and AvalonBay will be selling more of their newly-acquired properties. Archstone owned a lot of apartments in Arlington so it will be interesting if this means higher rents, condo-conversions, or who knows what else.

  • SomeGuy

    Correction: “Noon Notes.”

    • Captain_Obvious

      semantic police.

  • Mr. Punctual

    Had this been posted one minute earlier, the headline wouldn’t be a lie…

  • whatever

    Bishop O’Connell recruits students from softball teams throughout Maryland and Virginia and thus is able to put together this super selective and successful team. When that is part of your mission, then the success of the program is no fluke nor even the result of successful coaching, but rather is a well thought out chess board of recruited students. Other schools in the Arlington area cannot, of course, do this as public schools cannot include recruiting athletes as part of their mission.

    • Captain_Obvious

      right, coaching has nothing to do with it at all. Sounds like someone’s kid lost to O’Connell…get over it.

      • flux

        And it’s not like they dominate every sport they play, plus this is a national ranking. That’s pretty impressive.

        I also think they’ve scored a perfect number of runs for the season. Quit while you can still retain your perfect season.

    • Divine Intervention

      Plus, Baby Jesus.

  • Arlingtonvirginia

    I have a proposed redesign of the “super stops” too, and I’m provide my consultation services for free. Buy a bench. Put pench on sidewalk. Bolt bench down. N ow you have a busstop.Probably will cost $100 tops per busstop.

    • oo

      ” and I’m provide my consultation services for free”

      Of course – we get what we pay for.

    • drax

      Bus ridership will hit the stratosphere! They’ll be packed!

  • JimPB

    Redesign of bus stop shelter —

    Design the street-curb-sidewalk area so that

    (1) snow pushed off of the street does not pile up on the sidewalk, creating an obstacle (other treacherous) when boarding or getting off the bus,

    (2) water does not accumulate at the curb, from which vehicles will hurl it onto the sidewalk and waiting bus passengers.

  • Grammar

    “Weight in?”

  • Ballstonian

    David Panarelli’s criticism of the Super Stop on his “Open the Window” blog is detailed and substantive, and well illustrated with photos. Like some of the other recent critics of the County, he doesn’t come across as anti-transit, anti-spending, or knee-jerk anything (near the end of his piece he says, “Personally, I believe in a substantial and well-run government, but that brings with it a certain social contract that tax money will be spent efficiently.”) His critique of the design is devastating, but in a friendly, more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger sort of way. The County can’t write him off as a nut – they should be listening to him.

    • Lipstick on a Pig

      He’s a nut.

      • David

        Ya got me, Lipstick.

  • Max

    That criticism of the stop is spectacular, and I’m someone who supports, with some reservations, the super stop concept and street car. The county should be listening to him.

  • John Fontain

    Great pic Ddimick!

    • EWeston

      I like the pic, and I usually hate HDR.

  • Alex

    What an incredible photo!

  • Edward Weston

    Nice picture! It could be mistaken for an Ansel Adams. If it was in black and white. And taken in the west. In the 1930’s. On film.

  • Not getting my vote.

    Wish they would “reassess” that streetcar. Got stuck behind one in another city recently and it was a painful experience. If put to a vote, the public would say NO as it costs too much and does not have the benefits that outweigh the negatives. Will NOT be voting for those who support again in spite of being a lifelong Democrat. Horrible decision coupled with the wasteful “Super Stop.”

    • OX4

      You know this has been discussed at length on these boards, right?

      • Not getting my vote.

        Yet, this related topic is still ignored by our public officials.

  • Hank

    Maybe we should have a Bus stop designing contest rather than a decal designing contest. I am sure a high schooler could design something better, cheaper and faster

  • lanadeltacobell

    why didn’t they put the superstop at the next stop at Columbia pike and Barton street(in front of rappahanock Coffee) that bus stop shelter is SO busted. the one on Walter Reed was fine! The “super stop” doesn’t have enough seating or cover from weather. not to mention that the new seats at the “superstop” are ALREADY very dirty and smelly.

  • David

    I appreciate everyone taking the time to read my little ol’ blog post on the Super Stop. Constructive critiques is a big part of my working life, so I figured I would apply the same techniques on this issue as well. Arlington DES has contacted me directly. Hopefully we can make something positive happen.

    Also: awesome pic, Ddimick!


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