Arlington, VA

A police chase that started in D.C. ended with a wreck at a busy Crystal City intersection.

U.S. Park Police had chased the car from D.C. to Crystal City when, just before 8:30 p.m., it was broadsided by a Jeep at the intersection of Jefferson Davis Highway and 23rd Street S. The fleeing vehicle slammed into a gas pump at the Exxon station at the southwest corner of the intersection. Three men ran from the car, with one dropping a gun on the ground in the process.

The wreck caused a fuel spill but did not cause a fire. An occupant of the Jeep was transported to George Washington University Hospital with serious injuries, according to Arlington County Fire Department Battalion Chief Daniel Fitch.

While the suspects were fleeing, Fitch said, a U.S. Park Police offer was involved in a separate crash at Jefferson Davis Highway and 20th Street. The officer was injured and transported to Virginia Hospital Center.

A third accident, possibly caused by a driver distracted by the subsequent police search for the suspects, occurred at 25th Street and S. Fern Street. No injuries were reported in that crash.

According to NBC 4, two of the three suspects have been apprehended, while one remains at large. A police helicopter was brought in to help search for the suspects.


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