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Crime Report: Inappropriate Touching

A man was accused of “inappropriately” touching a “young child” this past weekend.

The 58-year-old suspect was charged with sexual battery. Police say the incident happened in the Douglas Park neighborhood on Saturday. From this week’s Arlington County crime report:

SEXUAL BATTERY, 140104043, 4200 block of S. 13th Street. Between 9:30 am and 1 pm on January 4, a subject allegedly touched a minor inappropriately. Aurelio Guzman Vargas, 58, of Arlington, VA was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual battery. He was held without bond.

The rest of the crime report, including several previously-reported items, after the jump. All named suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

BANK ROBBERY, 131231029, 900 block of S. George Mason Drive. At 1:18 pm on December 31, three subjects were taken into custody following an armed bank robbery at a Wells Fargo branch. James McNeal, 63, of Hyattsville, MD; James Link, 56, of Washington, DC; and Alphonso Stoddard, 59, of Forest Heights, MD were arrested and face a number of charges related to bank robberies across the region.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING, 140101041, 1200 block of N. Herndon Street. At approximately 3:30 am on January 1, a victim was allegedly slashed across the chest with a broken bottle during an altercation with three subjects following an argument. The victim was taken to Virginia Hospital Center with non-life threatening injuries. The suspects were described as Hispanic males.

ATTEMPTED ARMED ROBBERY, 140102031, 200 block of N. Glebe Road. At 2:27 pm on January 2, a masked subject entered the CVS and held an employee at knifepoint while demanding money from the registers. The suspect assaulted the employee and fled the scene on foot prior to gaining access to the registers. The suspect is described as a light-skinned black male in his twenties, approximately 6’2″ tall and 280 lbs. The investigation is ongoing.

BURGLARY, 131231015, 1400 block of N. Taft Street. Between 8 am on December 27 and 6 pm on December 30, an unknown subject(s) entered an apartment and stole various items of jewelry. There is no suspect(s) description.

BREAKING AND ENTERING, 140106033, 2700 block of S. Walter Reed Drive. Between 8:00 am and 12:20 pm on January 6, an unknown subject(s) entered a residence. It is unknown at the time of the report if any items were missing. There is no suspect(s) description.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY (SERIES), 140101023, 400 block of S. Army Navy Drive. Between 5 and 8:50 am on January 1, an unknown subject(s) slashed the tires of six vehicles. There is no suspect(s) description.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY (SERIES), 140102010, 6600-6800 block of N. Williamsburg Boulevard. Between 1:30 and 6:30 am on January 2, an unknown suspect(s) smashed windows on three vehicles. There is no suspect(s) description.


ASSAULT & BATTERY, 131230073, 2200 block of N. Pershing Drive

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 131231019, 4800 block of N. Old Dominion Drive

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 131231020, 4800 block of N. Old Dominion Drive

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 131231021, 4800 block of N. Old Dominion Drive

IDENTITY THEFT, 131231025, 1400 block of N. Inglewood Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 131231032, 800 block of S. Greenbrier Street

PETIT LARCENY, 131231035, 900 block of N. Stuart Street

GRAND LARCENY, 131231036, 1000 block of S. Hayes Street

TRESPASSING, 131231039, 3500 block of S. 23rd Street

GRAND LARCENY, 131231045, 4200 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

TRESPASSING, 131231050, 200 block of S. 18th Street

GRAND LARCENY, 131231054, 1500 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

NOISE COMPLAINT, 140101004, 1000 block of N. Randolph Street

NOISE COMPLAINT, 140101007, 4200 block of N. Fairfax Drive

TAMPERING OF AUTO, 140101025, 3500 block of N. 8th Road

GRAND LARCENY, 140101031, 200 block of N. Glebe Road

GRAND LARCENY, 140101036, 1000 block of S. Hayes Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140101038, 4500 block of S. 28th Road

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140101039, 400 block of S. 15th Street

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140101045, 1200 block of N. Glebe Road

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140101047, 2200 block of N. Fairfax Drive

PETIT LARCENY, 140101049, 1000 block of S. Hayes Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140101050, 2800 block of S. Wakefield Street

LARCENY OF TAGS, 140101053, 1100 block of S. Nash Street


ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140102001, 4700 block of N. 23rd Street

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140102026, 1800 block of S. Jefferson Davis Highway

LARCENY, 140102027, 4400 block of N. Lorcom Lane

VANDALISM, 140102029, 6400 block of N. Little Falls Road

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140102033, 1600 block of N. Clarendon Boulevard

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140102038, 4400 block of S. Four Mile Run Drive

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140102040, 5500 block of S. Columbia Pike

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140102053, 3100 block of N. Clarendon Boulevard


GRAND LARCENY, 131230033, 4300 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140103018, 400 block of N. Thomas Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140103030, 400 block of S. 12th Street

FORGERY, 140103032, 900 block of N. Glebe Road

GRAND LARCENY, 140103035, 2300 block of S. Jefferson Davis Highway


DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140104004, 3100 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

ASSAULT, 140104009, 1100 block of N. Highland Street

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140104017, 1500 block of S. 11th Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140104019, 1400 block of N. Jackson Street

GRAND LARCENY, 140104022, 1100 block of S. Hayes Street

GRAND LARCENY, 140104032, 1400 block of S. Hayes Street

GRAND LARCENY, 140104037, 1100 block of S. Hayes Street

GRAND LARCENY, 140104042, 1000 block of S. Hayes Street


GRAND LARCENY, 140105026, 400 block of S. 15th Street

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140105029, 1500 block of N. 18th Street

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140105035, 1400 block of S. Hayes Street

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140105037, 1600 block of N. Oak Street

CONCEALMENT, 140106001, 2100 block of N. 15th Street

SHOPLIFTING, 140106003, 1600 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140106005, 1300 block of N. Oak Street


LARCENY, 140106028, 2800 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

LARCENY, 140106034, 4100 block of S. Four Mile Run Drive

LARCENY, 140106040, 1800 block of S. Bell Street

IDENTITY THEFT, 140106051, 3200 block of S. Shirlington Road

LARCENY, 140106060, 200 block of S. Carlin Springs Road

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF VEHICLE, 140106063, 1500 block of 21st Court

LARCENY, 140106064, 1200 block of S. Hayes Street

PETIT LARCENY, 140106003, 1200 N. Wilson Boulevard


DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 140107009, 5200 block of N. Yorktown Boulevard

GRAND LARCENY, 140107013, 100 block of S. Courthouse Road

VANDALISM, 140107014, 3700 block of S. 3rd Street

GRAND LARCENY, 140107023, 2700 block of N. Wilson Boulevard

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140107025, 1800 block of S. Bell Street

LARCENY FROM AUTO, 140107028, 1800 block of S. Bell Street

ASSAULT & BATTERY, 140107040, 1800 block of S. Jefferson Davis Highway

PETIT LARCENY, 140107046, 5000 block of S. Columbia Pike

ASSAULT, 140107048, 1300 block of S. 28th Street

DEFRAUDING AN INNKEEPER, 140108008, 400 block of S. 23rd Street

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