Arlington Pet of the Week: Skipper and Annabelle

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This week’s Pet of the Week are two canine pals who may be different sizes and breeds, but that doesn’t stop them from being close friends.

Here’s what their mom, Samantha, had to say about them:

Skipper and Annabelle hail from the Ballston area of North Arlington, and despite moving into the area just one year ago, have already made their presence known. Annabelle enjoys her position in the front yard, greeting guests at the gate as they go by. She won’t make a peep, and therefore can catch a few neighbors off guard — Skipper serves as the true watchdog, but realizes his Corgi-size isn’t too intimidating. Therefore, he likes to sit near the house door and bark, with Annabelle sitting at the gate so it appears as though she is the true loudmouth.

Skipper, a Corgi mix, joined our family almost two years ago from Lost Dog Rescue. It was love at first sight for his mom, who had been looking for a rescue Corgi, but finds him even more adorable with his too-large-for-a Corgi head and massive tail. He quickly staked his claim on the bed, and his humans are lucky to share it. He enjoys local dog parks, but really only for the smells — his mom tried to take him on a two-mile run once, and she ended up carrying him home. Skippy (as he is affectionately known by his many admirers) is a true 38-pound lapdog, and enjoys eating anything, and everything, and then some more.

Annabelle, a Siberian Husky, became Skipper’s sibling a little over a year ago, and came from Pet Harbor, a husky specific rescue (with some Siberian cats as well) based in Fredericksburg, Va. Although she arrived to the family a bit sick and very underweight, she quickly rebounded in appetite after a few rounds of antibiotics — with these numerous trips to the vet, she isn’t a big fan of the doctor, and feels most comfortable there if Skipper accompanies her. But she certainly isn’t a wallflower — Annabelle is a talker, and if she could, she would probably go the salon, get her hair done, and talk all day, in true husky fashion. She enjoys accompanying her parents on runs during the winter and spring when it’s cool — though to be clear, she “mushes” her parents for the first mile, and then realizes they will never match her speed and deigns to a walk next to them.

She loves to cuddle with her brother Skip, although he isn’t always pleased when Annabelle falls asleep with her head upon his rump, and sometimes she sleeps on her back with with all paws in the air, just to be totally comfortable. Despite being an odd couple and a few year age difference, Annabelle and Skipper have become true canine siblings and have the most fun when they are together!

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