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Scratching Post: The Future Looks Bright

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Editor’s Note: The Scratching Post is a column that’s sponsored and written by the staff at NOVA Cat Clinic.

Reduce inflammation. Decrease pain. Heal wounds. Unblock a blocked cat. Improve movement. Cure MRSA. Is there one tool that can do all of these things and more?  Yes — a therapy laser!

Our therapy laser is one of the best additions we made to our practice last year.  The improvements we’ve made to our patients’ lives through the laser have been so substantial; I’d like to tell you a little more about it.

Cat about to under laser treatmentWe have a Cutting Edge MLS Therapy Laser. It’s a Class IV laser, which means it puts out similar power to surgical and cutting lasers, but ours does neither of those things. Ours is also a cold laser, meaning you can leave it in one position against the skin and it will not get hot.

MLS stands for Multi-wave Lock System — the FDA-approved technology that uses two unique wavelengths of light. These different wavelengths work together to give improved results over traditional laser therapy. The light energy (called photons) from the laser penetrates about an inch under the skin into cells and stimulates cellular activity. This extra activity helps the cells to repair themselves. We’ve used our laser to treat such a variety of conditions.

On a regular basis, we use it after dental cleanings that involve extractions. It helps reduce inflammation and speed up the healing time of the gums. We have gotten excellent results by using the laser to treat arthritis as well. Kitties that haven’t jumped on the bed in months have been known to jump to tables and bookcases after just a few treatments.

We’ve also actually been able to unblock male cats whose bladders are blocked with a single therapy laser treatment. Wound healing is much faster with a few treatments, and our most exciting success stories are that we have cured two cases of MRSA.

Sometimes the fact that we have a laser seems a bit like science fiction, especially when seeing people and cats all wearing goggles. But the reality is that our therapy laser has really increased our standard of care and has provided such a benefit for our patients and clients.

We offer therapy laser appointments every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons with Ellen, our Licensed Veterinary Technician. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to see if your feline friend could benefit from Laser Therapy, give us a call.

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