Crime Report: ‘Hate Crime’ in Clarendon

Police car lightsA person was attacked in Clarendon Monday night and police are describing the incident as a possible hate crime.

Police say a 35-year-old man used “racial slurs” before assaulting a victim at a bar on the 3100 block of Clarendon Blvd. The suspect is described as a 6’1″, 220 lbs white male with brown hair and brown eyes.

From this week’s Arlington County crime report:

ASSAULT AND BATTERY (HATE CRIME), 141103069, 3100 block of Clarendon Blvd, On 11/3/14 at 2320 hrs, an unknown subject used racial slurs before assaulting the victim. Both were patrons of a bar at the time of the incident. Suspect is described as a non-hispanic white male 601/220, Bro/bro, approximately 35 years of age, wearing a black leather coat and a plaid button up shirt.

Also this week, a woman in the Columbia Heights West neighborhood told police she was attacked by her boyfriend after refusing to have sex with him.

STRANGULATION AND DOMESTIC ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141102011, 800 block of S Greenbrier St, A female victim states she was strangled and punched after refusing the sexual advances of her boyfriend. The male suspect fled when he found out police were called. Warrants and an Emergency Protective Order were issued.

On Sunday night, a woman said she was sexually assaulted by her boyfriend after the boyfriend accused her of cheating on him with another man, who was staying over her apartment at the time. The boyfriend accused the woman of punching him in the face.

In the end, no one was charged.

SEXUAL ASSSAULT, 141102046, 3100 block of Lee Highway, On 11/2/14 at 1143 hrs, a female subject states she was sexually assaulted by her boyfriend after the boyfriend accused her of engaging in sexual intercourse with another male, who was currently in her apartment at the time of the boyfriend’s visit. The boyfriend accused the the female subject of punching him in the face during their argument over the other male staying there. Magistrate denied warrants.

A police spokesman could not be reached for comment.

The rest of this week’s crime report, after the jump. All named suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

BURGLARY, 141029051, 3600 block of S. 3rd Street. Between 4 pm on October 26 and 9 pm on October 29, an unknown subject(s) entered a residence and stole cash. There is no suspect(s) description.

ROBBERY BY FORCE, 141030043, 1800 S Bell St, a female subject was walking in the Crystal City Underground and texting a friend when an unknown female subject approached her and, after a brief struggle, took her phone. The victim yelled for help and gave chase to the suspect. Nearby citizens intervened and stopped the suspect until police arrived. The 16 year old suspect was charged and transported to the juvenile detention facility.

POSSESSION OF CONCEALED WEAPON/OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE/FAIL TO ID/DRUNK IN PUBLIC, 141101018, On 11/01/14 at 2300 block of Jefferson Davis Hwy, a dispute between a male and female was observed in a parking lot by officers responding to a fight call. The male half refused to identify himself, was combative, and found to be intoxicated. After physically resisting officers, he was taken into custody. A search of his person found a concealed weapon in his possession.

ASSAULT BY MOB, 141101017, 2300 block of S Eads St, On 11/01/14 at 0438 hrs, 2 males were assaulted by a group of 5-6 males as they left a restaurant. It is unknown what precipitated the altercation.

DOMESTIC ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141102065, 4700 block of 33rd St N., On 11/2/14 at 2230 hrs, a female subject was arrested for Domestic Asssault and Battery against her husband and 14 year old daughter. An emergency protective order was issued.

ROBBERY, 141102040, 1500 block of Wilson Blvd, On 11/2/14 at 0900 hrs, two otherwise known subjects stole two bottles of laundry detergent and a bottle of wine. As the store manager attempted to stop the suspects from leaving, the suspect holding the bottle of wine threatened to hit the manager in the head with it. The suspects were seen leaving on to the metro without paying.

DOMESTIC ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141102037, 300 block of N Piedmont St, On 11/1/14 at 0902 hrs, a female subject stated she was assaulted by the father of their children as she was cooking breakfast for him. A warrant was issued along with a protective order.

DOMESTIC ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141102016, 1300 block of S Scott St, On 11/2/14 at 0240 hrs, a male subject was arrested after a physical altercation with his live-in girlfriend. The female subject sustained minor injuries which did not require medical attention.

GRAND LARCENY/DOMESTIC ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141103057, 4300 block of Pershing Drive, On 11/3/14 at 0830 hrs, a female victim states that her estranged husband took her cell phone and attempted to force her into his car. She escaped with minor bruising. Warrants and an emergency protective order were issued for the husband.

ROBBERY, 141103012, 3100 block of Wilson Blvd, On 11/3/14 at 0754 hrs, two unknown males entered the store and stole household items and several bottles of wine. A store employee was pushed to the ground while attempting to stop the suspects. The first suspect is described as a light skinned black male, 20-25 years of age, wearing a gray or white tshirt, black coat vest over top and light colored pants. The second suspect is described as a dark skinned black male, skinny, wearing all black.

FIRE INVESTIGATION 141104007, On 11/04/14 at 1100 block of S Emerson St at 0423 hrs, a residential structure fire claimed the life of a mother and her daughter. The father and another daughter made it out safely with minor injuries.


10/29/14, VA RUNZ-262, 2008 Lexus GS350, Blue
4100 block of N. Round Hill Road

10/29/14, VA YMX-5564, 2011 Honda Accord, Black
4800 block of N. 37th Street

11/01/14, VA/KNB1921, 2008 Toyota Sienna, Silver
4200 block of S Campbell Ave

11/01/14, VA/YJK5293, 2000 Ford E250 Van, White
5800 block of S 9th St

11/01/14, VA/WVG2077, 2013 Nissan Rogue, Silver
1500 block of N Pierce St

11/03/14, VA/TX20936, 1995 Ford E250 Van
2800 block of Arlington Blvd

11/04/14, 141104026, VA/WMS5377, FORD F150, Pickup truck, White
1600 block of 13th Rd S

11/04/14, 141104058, MD/3BM8725, 2014 Chrysler 300, Silver
2700 block of Jefferson Davis Hw

11/04/14, 141104059, NC/BME3937, 2013 Toyota Prius, Silver
2700 block of Jefferson Davis Hw


LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141029021, 4100 block of N. Round Hill Road
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141029023, 1000 block of N. Stafford Street
ATTEMPTED GRAND LARCENY, 141029024, 4600 block of N. 37th Street
PETIT LARCENY, 141029025, 4600 block of N. 37th Street
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141029032, 3800 block of N. Tazewell Street
GRAND LARCENY, 141029034, 1100 block of S. Hayes Street
ASSAULT & BATTERY, 141029035, 2400 block of S. Shirlington Road
ASSAULT & BATTERY, 141029037, 1400 block of S. Hayes Street
ASSAULT & BATTERY, 141029041, 1600 block of N. Oak Street
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141029043, 2000 block of N. Adams Street


PETIT LARCENY, 141030108, 3400 block of Washington Blvd
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141030021, 3600 block of Columbia Pike
PETIT LARCENY, 141030023, 1500 block of Wilson Blvd
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141030024, 1400 block N Courthouse Rd
GRAND LARCENY, 141030039, 700 block of N. Glebe Rd
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141030041, Unit block of N. Manchester St
GRAND LARCENY, 141030052, 3000 block of S Randolph St
TRESPASSING, 141030056, 1600 block of Wilson Blvd
GRAND LARCENY (BICYCLE), 141030060, 3800 block of Wilson Blvd
DOMESTIC ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141030062, 4400 block of S Four Mile Run
POSSESSION OF COCAINE, 141031006, 1000 block of Kirkwood Rd


POSSESSION OF COCAINE, 141031006, 1000 block of Kirkwood Rd
PETIT LARCENY, 141031010, 2900 block of N Sycamore St
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141031014, 2600 block of S Clark St
POSSESSION OF AMMUNITION BY CONVICTED FELON, 141031020, 1700 block of N Culpepper St
GRAND LARCENY, 141031022, 1300 block of N Courthouse Rd
GRAND LARCENY, 141031026, 1100 block of S Hayes St
LARCENY BY FALSE PRETENSES, 141031028, 2300 block of 11th St N
IDENTITY THEFT, 141031031, 2000 block of N Clavert St
POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, 141031049, 700 block of S Taylor St


POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, 141101001, 3200 block of 24th St S
PETIT LARCENY, 141101005, 3000 block of Wilson Blvd
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141101007, 400 block of 12th St S
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141101027, 1700 block of S Taylor St
GRAND LARCENY, 141101032, 3600 block of Columbia Pike
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141101033, 1200 block of S Clark St
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141101034, 400 block of 12th St S
FRAUD, 141101042, 1600 block of S Joyce St
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141101046, 1600 block of N Sycamore St
LARCENY BY FALSE PRETENSES, 141101047, 1900 block of Clarendon Blvd
GRAND LARCENY, 141101048, 4200 block of Wilson Blvd
GRAND LARCENY/DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141101052, 2400 block of S Glebe Rd


ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141102001, 3000 block of Clarendon Blvd
DOMESTIC DISPUTE, 141102004, 4300 block of Columbia Pike
RUNAWAY, 141102007, 200 block of N Glebe Rd
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141102008, 700 block of N Edgewood St
POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, 141102010, 100 block of N Highland St.
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141102014, 1100 block of S Quinn St
FAIL TO APPEAR/FAIL TO COMPLY WITH COURT ORDER, 141102020, 1600 block of N Edgewood St
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141102043, 1900 block of N Cameron St
FORGING A PUBLIC DOCUMENT/IDENTITY THEFT, 141102053, 1200 block of S Hayes St
SHOPLIFTING-GRAND LARCENY, 141102059, 1100 block of S Hayes St


RECOVERED STOLEN AUTO, 141103003, 800 blk I 395/Washington Blvd
UNDERAGE POSSESSION OF ALCOHOL/DIP, 141103005, 600 blk I 395N/S Glebe Rd
LARCENY FROM AUTO/DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141103009, 1700 block of S Edgewood St
TRUANCY, 141103033, 500 block of Army Navy Dr
OBTAINING MONEY BY FALSE PRETENSE, 141103036, 1100 block of S Hayes St
WARRANT SERVICE, 141103041, 1400 block of N Courthouse Rd
POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, 141103045, 600 block of S Carlin Springs Rd
GRAND LARCENY-SHOPLIFTING, 141103049, 1300 block of S Joyce St
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141103050, 5000 block of Wilson Blvd
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141103052, 2300 block of 11th St N
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141103054, 2600 block of S Shirlington Rd
PETIT LARCENY, 141103055, 700 block of N Glebe Rd
PROBATION VIIOLATION, 141103056, 6000 block of Wilson Blvd
MISSILE INTO AN OCCUPIED DWELLING, 141103062, 3200 block of Wilson Blvd
GRAND LARCENY, 141103063, 1500 block of N Pierce St
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141103064, 1900 block of N Quincy St
PETIT LARCENY-SHOPLIFTING, 141103066, 1100 block of S Hayes St
RECOVERED STOLEN AUTO, 141103068, 1200 block of N Queen St


GRAND LARCENY, 141104008, 2200 block of Crystal Drive
RECOVERED STOLEN AUTO, 141104009, 5200 block of 8TH Rd S
VERBAL THREATS, 141104017, 800 block of Army Navy Dr
RECOVERED STOLEN AUTO, 141104021, 200 block of N Oakland St
SEXUAL BATTERY, 141104025, 4800 block of Columbia Pike
TRESPASSING, 141104033, 1700 block of N George Mason Dr
TAMPERING WITH AUTO, 141104035, 1900 block of Ft Myer Dr
CHECK FRAUD, 141104036, 4000 block of 9th St N
PETIT LARCENY, 141104042, 1500 block of S Fern St
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141104043, 1000 block of S Frederick St
VIOLATION OF CUSTODY ORDER, 141104048, 1200 block of N Wayne St
DOMESTIC ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141104049, 2000 block of 27th St S
LARCENY OF A LICENSE PLATE, 141104050, 5100 block of 7th Rd S
DISRODERLY CONDUCT/ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141104055, 1800 block of S Bell St
GRAND LARCENY, 141104056, 1100 block of S Hayes St

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