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Crime Report: Bomb Threat at Pentagon City Mall

A bomb threat was phoned into the Pentagon City mall on Christmas Eve, according to the latest Arlington County weekly crime report.

The bomb threat was called in around 1:00 p.m., just before a “black lives matter” protest at the mall. It’s unclear if the threat was in any way connected to or in response to the protest.

BOMB THREAT, 141224021, 1100 block of S Hayes St. On 12/24/14 at 1304 hours, unknown suspect called in a bomb threat to the Pentagon City Mall. Nothing suspicious found in garage area and mall did not evacuate.

PROTEST, 141224033, 1100 block of S Hayes St. On 12/24/14 at 1432 hours, approximately 15 individuals protested at Pentagon City Mall. No arrests made.

Also in the crime report, an armed robbery occurred in the Rosslyn / Courthouse area. The incident happened early last Monday morning.

ROBBERY,141229005, 1800 block of N Wilson BL. On 12/29/14 at 0330 hours, an unknown suspect displayed a handgun while demanding cigarettes and cash. Suspect description is black male, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and jeans.

The rest of the weekly crime report, after the jump.

BREAKING AND ENTERING, 141227044, 2000 block of N Randolph St, Between 12/26 at 1200 hours and 12/27/14 at 1738 hours, unknown subject broke into the school section of the church. No items reported stolen and no suspect information.

BURGLARY, 141227043, 1400 block of S 28 St, Between 12/24/14 at 0900 hours and 12/27/14 at 1748 hours, unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s apartment by force on the back door and stole a TV.

BURGLARY, 141225027, 1400 block of S 28 St, On 12/25/14 between 1400 and 1919 hours, unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s apartment by unlocked window and took assorted items.

ROBBERY, 141224004, 4200 block of N Fairfax Dr. On 12/24/14 at 0102 hours, two suspects took a cell phone by force. One suspect still outstanding and one suspect arrested.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (series), 141230004/007/008, 3500 block of N 3 St. On 12/30/14 at 0105 hours, two suspects were observed entering vehicles and taking items. Two subjects were arrested and interviewed by Detectives.

GRAND LARCENY BY FALSE PRETENSE, 141230035, 2700 block of N Clarendon BL. On 12/30/14 at 1604 hours, the suspect attempted to purchase a phone at the Apple store using a fictitious ID. A subject was arrested on scene and interviewed by Detectives.

CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT FRAUD, 141230046, 2700 block of N Clarendon BL. On 12/30/14 at 1800 hours, three suspects were arrested for purchasing phones using false information and they were transported to booking after being interviewed by Detectives.

ROBBERY, 141230044, 1000 block of S Hayes St. On 12/30/14 at 1809 hours, the victim’s ex-boyfriend attempted to pull her away with him during an argument and took her coat and belongings. Warrants were obtained.

BURGLARY, 141230052, 200 block of N Wayne St. On 12/30/14 at 2123 hours, known suspects forced entry into victim’s home and assaulted him. The investigation is on-going.

VA/WXV4396, 2013 GMC Denali, Black,141224009,
3600 block of N Military HW
VA/XAJ7597, 2002 Nissan Altima, Silver, 141224001,
900 block of N Taylor St.


GRAND LARCENY, 141224011, 1100 block of N Vernon St.
GRAND LARCENY, 141224016, 700 block of N Glebe Rd.
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141224017, 2500 block of Crystal Dr.
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141224022, 4100 block of N 25 St.
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141224026, 1100 block of S Army Navy Dr.
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141224027, 2200 block of N Quincy St.
GRAND LARCENY, 141224028, 1400 block of S Hayes St.
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141224029, 2300 block of N Stafford St.
EMBEZZLEMENT, 141224030, 1000 block of S Hayes St.
GRAND LARCENY, 141224031, 2800 block of John Marshall Dr
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141224032, 1600 block of Clarendon BL.
LARCENY, 141224036, 1100 block of S Hayes St.
LARCENY, 141224039, 1100 block of N Stafford St.
LARCENY, 141224040, 1800 block of N Lynn St.
LARCENY, 141224045, 1200 block of N Fillmore St.


ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141225006, 4300 block of N 4 St.
UNLAWFUL ENTRY, 141225008, 2000 block of Wilson BL.
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141225015, 1400 block of S 28 St.
LARCENY, 141225016, 300 block of N Kenmore St.
LARCENY, 141225017, 5400 block of Lee HW.
LARCENY, 141225018, 4900 block of Columbia Pk,
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141225020, 2400 block of N Harrison St.
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141225021, 1100 block of Army Navy DR.


ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141226002, 1300 block of S 28 St.
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141226005, 1000 block of N Garfield St.
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141226007, 1400 block of N I-66
LARCENY, 141226014, 1100 block of S Hayes St.
LARCENY, 141226016, 1100 block of S Hayes St.
POSSESSION OF NARCOTICS, 141226022, 7400 block of N I-66
LARCENY, 141226030, 1200 block of S Hayes St.
LARCENY, 141226031, 1200 block of S Hayes St.
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141226036, 3000 block of S 2 St.


ASSAULT, 141227005, 4100 block of Fairfax Dr.
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141227008, 1100 block of N Highland St.
EMBEZZLEMENT, 141227032, 1100 block of S Hayes St.
BRANDISHING, 141227033, 6000 block of Wilson BL.
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141227034, 500 block of S 18 St.
LARCENY, 141227036, 800 block of N Quincy St.
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141227037, 800 block of Army Navy Dr
POSSESSION OF NARCOTICS, 141227038, 7400 block of N I-66
LARCENY, 141227042, 1200 block of S Hayes St.
LARCENY, 141227045, 1400 block of S Hayes St.
ASSAULT, 141227046, 5100 block of S 8 St.
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141227048, 2200 block of N 12 St.


LARCENY FROM AUTO , 141228003, 1600 block of S Joyce ST.
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141228016, 2500 block of S 9 St.
LARCENY, 141228023, 1100 block of S Hayes St.
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141228028, 2700 block of N Pershing Dr.
ASSAULT, 141228030, 2100 block of S Nelson St.
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141228033, 5100 block of S 7 St.
UNAUTHORIZED USE, 141228037, 1300 block of N Pierce St.
LARCENY, 141228041, 2800 block of S Jefferson Davis HW.
LARCENY, 141228044, 1200 block of S Hayes ST.
ATTEMPT GLA, 141228047, 1800 block of N Rhodes St.
LARCENY, 141228053, 700 block of N Glebe Rd.


ASSAULT, 141229001, 1200 block of N Scott St.
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141229014, 3500 block of S Stafford St.
LARCENY, 141229017, 5200 block of Washington BL.
FORGERY, 141229019, 3200 block of Arlington BL.
ASSAULT, 141229020, 700 block of S Ode St.
LARCENY, 141229021, 5400 block of N 27 St.
ASSAULT, 141229030, 4200 block of S Campbell St.
NARCOTICS, 141229031, 7200 block of N I-66
NARCOTICS, 141229034, 2600 block of S Glebe Rd.
LARCENY, 141229036, 1100 block of S Hayes St.
LARCENY, 141229039, 800 block of Army Navy Dr.
LARCENY, 141229043, 1100 block of S Hayes St.
LARCENY, 141229044, 500 block of S Army Navy Dr.
EMBEZZLEMENT, 141229046, 1100 block of S Hayes St.


ASSAULT, 141230002, 2900 block of S 16 St
ASSAULT, 141230009, 3500 block of S 16 St
ASSAULT, 141230015, 6200 block of N 22 St
LARCENY, 141230023, 1100 block of S Hayes St
LARCENY, 141230028, 700 block of N Glebe Rd
LARCENY, 141230029, 1200 block of S Fern St
FRAUD, 141230031, 4400 block of S Four Mile Run Dr
LARCENY, 141230032, 2200 block of Wilson BL
LARCENY, 141230034, 2500 block of S 9 St
LARCENY, 141230039, 3000 block of N Wilson BL
LARCENY, 141230042, 1200 block of S Hayes St
POSSESSION OF NARCOTICS, 141230053, 2900 block of S Glebe Rd

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