Arlington Pet of the Week: Otis

This week’s Arlington Pet of the Week is Otis, a lab mix who’s often described as an “over-sized baby.”

Here’s what Otis had to say about himself and his penchant for eating beds:

Hi, I’m Otis. I’m a 4 year-old lab mix adopted from Lost Dog Rescue Foundation. Although I’m nearly 30 in dog-years, most people confuse me for a puppy. As you can see, I’m a large barrel-chested dog with a bark that can make you jump out of your skin. But don’t be fooled.

In my off-time as Barbie’s Secret Service agent, I am best known for being an over-sized baby. Frightening thunderstorm? I scurry to my mama’s side of the bed and tuck my head under for safety. Loud noise in the middle of the night? I know I have mom, dad, and 1 year-old human sister for protection (funny that they thought I’d be a great alarm system). And don’t even get me started on stairs. I know the stairs in our house are a secret death trap out to swallow me whole. It takes all my courage and might to climb up and down.

Despite my utter fear of thunderstorms, loud noises, and the stairs…oh my, the stairs… one thing is for sure – I love eating my beds. That’s right. My parents have bought me so many beds after my consumption (ahem — destruction) of each and every one that they’ve lost count! Over the years, I’d estimate they have bought me more than 12 beds! I figure if they spend enough money on my beds, they’ll allow me to enjoy their king size bed with them one day. A dog can dream, right?

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