Arlington, VA

ARL Traffic

If this was a test run for this weekend’s snowstorm, we didn’t fare well.

Though a thin coating of snow fell across the Arlington area, many drivers found that roads were slick at best, treacherous at worst. Traffic piled up across the county as early as 7 p.m. this evening, and plenty of drivers told us they encountered unsalted, untreated roads.

“Skid fest on Rosslyn hill,” said one reader. “It seems Arlington failed to treat the roads for tonight and an ice layer built on the surface of the road, uphill Rosslyn.”

Another wrote us earlier tonight and said: “The ground is frozen solid.  The weather forecasts all predicted an inch or so of snow this evening.  Why weren’t the roads treated?”

Here’s a snippet of what some other ARLNow readers reported on Twitter throughout the night:

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Photo via Michael Thomas


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