Arlington, VA

TWC AdThe following promoted post was written and sponsored by BbG Fitness, which is debuting a new web-based fitness, lifestyle and nutrition service.

Ginny Wright, certified wellness coach and owner of the award-winning outdoor fitness company BbG Fitness, announces the launch of the Total Wellness Challenge (TWC), a 30-day program that begins on Monday, February 22.

The program is the culmination of more than ten years of work with Wright’s local clients and is based on current health and fitness research. For four weeks, participants post points in three important areas of wellness: nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. The TWC makes it fun and easy learn and practice sustainable habits that lead to weight loss (if desired) and long-term health benefits.

The object of the game is to earn the most possible points each day and post them online using a custom platform created by Arlington firm Design TLC.

By posting daily reflections — which also earns a lifestyle point — players share and are accountable, while receiving support, encouragement and often a dose of humor from their fellow challengers.

For $39, challengers receive access to “TWC Approved” food lists, weekly meal plans, recipes, BbG home workouts, printable charts for keeping score and round the clock email support.

Feel better and see results: Take the BbG Total Wellness Challenge! ARLnow readers receive 10% off. Use code ARLnow for discountLearn more and register here.


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