The Chew: How To Deal With Your Dog’s Summer Shedding

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By Rae Patterson, Writer and Animal Enthusiast

Does cuddle time with your dog cause an avalanche of fur to tumble down his back? Your dog shedding in the summer is unavoidable, but it can be managed! Here are our top four tips to help you manage shedding season:

Correct Grooming: Grooming is about a lot more than a stylish cut. A summer groom for your pet could include a bath, which helps wash out loose hairs; a coat condition, which hydrates the fur to reduce unnecessary shedding; a brush out, which aids in removing fur about to shed; and a trim or shave for certain breeds.

You should always consult a professional groomer before asking for a summer haircut, since there are many types of coats that all have their own unique factors. For example, cutting a Husky’s undercoat for the summer could actually interfere with her natural cooling system. A professional grooming is the best first step for putting summer shedding in check.

The experienced grooming team at Bark & Boarding know exactly what your pet’s grooming needs are and have custom services for dogs of all breeds.

Quality Brushes and Combs: Regular brushing or combing will remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff, in addition to collecting loose fur on the brush, instead of in the corners of your home. Using the correct type of brush is extremely important to avoid damaging your pet’s skin or coat, but also to ensure your brushing is effective.

A quality brush or comb, designed for your pet’s coat, is a worthwhile investment. You may be surprised by how much more lose hair you can remove from your pet with the right tool. One of the best de-shedding tools on the market is the FURminator. It comes in different widths and blade lengths to suit the needs of different breeds of dogs, cats and even horses.

Clean-Up Products: Since some shedding is bound to occur, it’s worth considering some of the products that are designed to collect fur.

For example, Bissell has a series of vacuums made for homes with pets, and these include attachment tools like the Pet Hair Eraser, which make fur removal from furniture and blankets much easier. (Hint: You can find these vacuums at Walmart and on Amazon as well!)

When it comes to hardwood or tile floors, “electrostatic or microfiber dry mops” are the best for attracting tricky hair, since both the vacuum and the broom tend to blow the fur around more than to collect it.

Quality Food: Our last tip is to consider what food you are feeding your pet. It is important that your dog’s diet includes Essential Fatty Acids, which maintain a healthy, lubricated skin and coat. If your pet’s skin is dry, it will produce more dander and shed more fur.

Take a look at the ingredients on your food bags and do a quick search on your food brand to find out more about the quality of the fatty acids in your pet’s food. Omega Fatty Acids can also be added to your pet’s diet through daily supplements that taste like treats, or by adding a topical powder or oil to your pet’s dry food dish. A healthy coat will make you and your pet much happier!

Have questions on summer shedding or want to book an amazing grooming session? Send us an email at [email protected] to ease the shedding stress!

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