The Chew: Keep Your Pet Safe in the Cold

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By Colleen Corrigan, Writer and Animal Enthusiast 

Not only did Santa Claus come to town, but he also brought all the cold weather with him! While we focus on keeping our families safe and warm, don’t forget about the safety and welfare of your precious pet.

Here are some easy ways to keep your pet safe, happy and cozy in the cold:

  • Keep their paws free of road salt and ice:  Salt and ice on roads can irritate your dog’s feet and cause tummy troubles if ingested.  Clean their paws of caustic salt and ice when returning from a walk to avoid abrasions and discourage licking.  Bark + Boarding sells Kin + Kind Nose & Paw moisturizer, made with premium jojoba oil and shea butter, to keep paw pads soft and protect them against the cold weather elements.
  • Don’t forget the exercise:  Dogs need exercise year round, even in frigid temperatures. To maintain the physical and mental well-being of your four-legged friend, find some time for a quick run or game of fetch. If the weather is too cold, doggy daycare is the perfect answer! Bark + Boarding provides year-round doggy daycare so your pup can romp and play to his heart’s content in a temperature-controlled and supervised environment.
  • Don’t slack on grooming: Dogs whose coats get easily matted have a harder time drying out after being in the snow and cold rain. It’s a good idea to stick to your regular grooming schedule during the winter months for the comfort of your pooch.
  • Be mindful of time spent outdoors: Short-haired pets that have less natural insulation and short-legged pets who are closer to the ground will become colder more quickly. Additionally, elderly dogs and dogs with compromised immune systems may have a harder time regulating their body temperatures. Taking shorter, more frequent walks is a great solution for both humans and canines in sub-freezing temps.
  • Consider canine clothing:  For dogs that are not fortunate enough to have thick warm fur in the winter, or seem uncomfortable when the temperature drops, consider a dog sweater or coat for added warmth. It’s a great idea to have more than one garment handy so your pup never has to wear damp or wet clothing which can actually make him colder.
  • Hide the antifreeze:  Antifreeze is toxic and poisonous to animals. Pets are drawn to its sweet flavor and even small amounts can be lethal. Check under your vehicles for leaks and store antifreeze containers in a safe place.

We want our pets to be happy, safe and comfortable year round, and winter is no exception! For more tips and resources contact Bark + Boarding.

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