Arlington, VA

Someone distributed anti-Semitic flyers around the Lyon Village neighborhood near Courthouse this week.

The flyers rant about Jews controlling the weather, call for war to be declared on Israel and urge the government to “prepare caves” to save citizens from a coming cataclysm.

A resident tells that he first spotted the pamphlets Thursday evening and thought they were “disturbing and seemingly threatening nature.”

“I found [the flyer] yesterday evening on the 1700 block of N. Adams Street,” the resident said. “I saw others tucked into residents’ fences and along the street yesterday on the same block and some others this morning along the sidewalk of the 1700 block of N. Wayne Street.”

“I just sent in a suspicious information report to the ACPD to keep them aware and also wanted to share with you,” he added.

Similar flyers, which reference a “conspiracy pamphleteer” named Peter J. Cojanis, have previously been distributed in Cleveland Park and Petworth in D.C. and Chevy Chase in Maryland.

Photo courtesy Sam S. (blur added)


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