Arlington Pet of the Week: Tally

This week’s Arlington Pet of the Week is Tally, a 15-month-old beagle/lab mix in Clarendon, who is a bit stubborn and mischievous.

Here’s what his owner, Regina, had to say:

Haaaaaaaavvvvve you met, Tally? Tally is a 15 month Beagador (beagle/lab mix), and he is very handsome. He lives with his parents, Regina and Alec in Clarendon, and he is definitely a momma’s boy. He was born in Alabama, lived with a family in Silver Spring for a month or so, and then ended up with Regina and Alec in March!

Before Tally ended up with Regina and Alec, he spent 2 weeks at a doggie boot camp in Jessup, MD. Here, he trained with a veteran who worked as an explosives dog handler in Afghanistan for five years. Tally was trained to focus on annoying puppy behaviors, basic commands, socialization, and loose leash walking. He is great with everything, except a few of the annoying puppy behaviors… he still jumps and play bites :) Tally is also a Professional Counter Surfer, and he loves grabbing any sort of clothing or item he shouldn’t have and running under the bed. It’s a game for him, and he LOVES to win with his beagle stubborness.

Tally is not a morning person, mostly because he hates it when we go to work. When his dog walker, Greg (Tail Wagging Services), comes to get him in the afternoon, it is definitely his favorite time of day, UNTIL HIS PARENTS COME HOME. Every time his parents see him, it is like he hasn’t seen them in days. He loves to take toys out of his toy bin, leave them all over the apartment, and he loves eating the stuffing inside of any soft toy. Tally frequents James Hunter Dog Park where he loves to play chase, bark at other dogs, and kiss other dog owners on the lips. He is very lovey. Speaking of lovey, Tally has many nicknames: Lovey, Louie, Dinky, Stinky, and Bug. His parents are not sure where a lot of these names come from, but he usually answers to whatever they call him..

If you ever see him walking around Clarendon, stop him for a lick!

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