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Flying Colors: The End

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Flying Colors is a sponsored column on the hobby of backyard bird feeding written by Michael Zuiker, owner of the Wild Birds Unlimited store at the Lee Harrison Shopping Center. Visit the store at 2437 N. Harrison Street or call 703-241-3988.

There is always an end. An end to a movie. An end to a song. End to a relationship. End to the hot fudge sundae. There is an end to a story, a commute, a sunset, a job. There is always an end.

Yet, an end cannot exist without a beginning. A beginning which could come at the end of the end.

Complicated? You got me there.

Because at the start of “Flying Colors,” we, all of us, went on a journey. A journey of discovery. We really did not know exactly what we would uncover.

Uncover we did though every other week for over a year. We discovered birds, we discovered weather, we discovered solutions to challenges that affected our backyard bird feeding hobby. We discovered a little history of a place in Arlington that has pulsed with life for over fifty years. We discovered truths and we discovered urban legends that do not stand the time of science and knowledge.

It has been a journey that I hope has been fun and entertaining for you.

Sometimes that journey takes you to a new “nest.” A new place to call home. A new place in which to discover new adventures and mysteries and new knowledge. Flying Colors is moving to that new nest. This new home will be located on our web page.

It is here were we will share with you our love of all thing’s nature and the great hobby of backyard bird feeding. It is here where we will engage you to explore and discover all that is beautiful and joyful in your hobby of backyard bird feeding.

We have been blessed to be able to introduce you to us through ARLnow and share with you our love of the hobby of backyard bird feeding. We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to work on the ARLnow platform to have a voice.

But, now it is time to fledge.

So, let us continue these magical moments together at a new nest so we can “Bring People and Nature together.” Thank you for the time you spent with us and we hope you travel to our new home to stay connected with us and your love of backyard bird feeding.


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