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Attend the Part-Time Preview Day at GMU’s Scalia Law School

Would you like to attend law school, but cannot leave your day job? Would you like to supplement your practical experience with a legal education?

If so, you can join a growing number of professionals who work by day and attend law school at night. Learn more at the Part-Time Preview Day on Thursday, January 24 from 6-8:30 p.m.

George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School offers a robust part-time program for students. Over one hundred part-time students enrolled in the fall 2018 term. Like full-time students, the vast majority of these students (91 percent) receive scholarship money.

At Scalia Law, part-time students are not second-class citizens. They receive the same benefits, study under the same awesome faculty and share the same access to the school’s many organizations, resources and opportunities, as their full-time counterparts.

Senior Associate Dean, Alison Price is a fan of the part-time program and its students. “We have always welcomed part-time students. As law classes are frequently taught by Socratic method, part-time students bring a refreshing perspective on legal decisions,” she said.

Daniel Trujillo Esmeral is a part-time student at Scalia Law School. He is also President of the Student Bar Association and Managing Editor of George Mason’s Civil Rights Law Journal.

“Throughout law school I’ve worked as a Paralegal and a Law Clerk at private law firms. The convenient hours in Scalia Law’s part-time program and reasonable workload has allowed me to juggle the two roles with relative ease,” said Esmeral. “The time-management skills that I’ve learned as a working professional have allowed me to succeed and maintain these roles with greater efficiency than many of my full-time colleagues.”

Esmeral said he selected Scalia Law’s program because of its flexibility. “As a part-time student, I’ve learned the skills necessary to succeed as an attorney in the day, while gaining the academic know-how at night.”

He will join his current firm as an associate in employment law following graduation.

“Scalia Law fully supports part-time students as they simultaneously balance their education with full-time careers and families. With impressive focus, discipline and work ethic, part-time students provide a valuable asset to our community,” Price concluded.

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