Neighborhood Spotlight: Powhatan Skate Park — Carve, Grind and Bail at Team Pain’s Latest Creation

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In this Arlington Spotlight video, Tyler Marrin and Drew Carpenter of The Keri Shull Team visit the newly-renovated Powhatan Skate Park at 6020 Wilson Boulevard.

Arlington skaters waited years for a new place to carve, grind and bail. The wait is over.

The county has fully replaced the crumbling, damaged concrete of the old park with Team Pain’s sleek redesign. The refreshed layout will give you nearly any skating experience you want, from the chill snake zone all the way up to a traditional pro bowl and a doorway to carve over.

While there are spots in this park that call for courage, there’s also plenty of beginner-friendly terrain.

Hone your street skating on the park’s new ramps, handrails, boxes and ledges. Here you could learn to front feeble grind a rail like Leticia Bufoni, experiment with no comply variations inspired by Ray Barbee, or just work on your skating fundamentals.

There’s a small egg bowl to carve. When you’re ready, make like Steve Caballero and try dropping into the deep pro bowl.

Powhatan Skate Park officially reopened on May 4 with a ribbon cutting ceremony, but word traveled fast. Days before the ceremony, the park was already crowded with skaters finding their lines through the new extended street section with kickflips and 50-50 grinds.

Team Pain is famous for their innovative specialty structures that push the limits of skating, like loops and 128-foot vert ramps. They’ve built structures for MTV and for ESPN’s X Games. They’re also known for their indoor wood skate facilities and cutting-edge outdoor concrete parks like the one just unveiled here in Arlington.

This is not just a new park with smooth surfaces, but a place for skaters to build community, challenge themselves and build their skills. Who knows? Maybe Rodney Mullen will drop by next time he visits the Smithsonian.

Powhatan Skate Park is open from 7 a.m.-10 p.m. every day.

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