Arlington, VA

The Perfect Pita is celebrating 25 years during November with customer offers that range from discounts on gift cards ($25 gift cards for only $20) and t-shirt giveaways to buy-one-get-one-for-25-cents specials. And for one day, on November 25, they’re going retro and selling select items at 1994 prices!

“We are so grateful to our customers in Northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland,” said Erica Kan Olds, General Manager and daughter of The Perfect Pita founder, Atilla Kan. “It only seems fitting that our anniversary celebration be about them.”

When Erica’s father immigrated to the U.S. from Ankara, Turkey in the late 1960s, The Perfect Pita was just a dream. He worked two jobs for several years — Turkish Embassy staffer by day and Hot Shoppes waiter by night — until he saved enough to open his first restaurant in 1975 with his wife Carol.  They called it “Atilla’s Home of the Gyro,” and it quickly gained a loyal following of locals and nearby Pentagon employees.

Erica remembers her father bringing freshly baked flatbread home each evening after work. “One night,” said Erica, “the bread was accidentally puffy, so my dad cut it and stuffed it. From that moment on, my dad just started stuffing everything into those pita pockets!”

That was the beginning of The Perfect Pita restaurants and the wholesale pita and hummus business the family runs in Springfield, Virginia. Today, there are 14 locations of The Perfect Pita, and the wholesale business sells their homemade pita bread and hummus to local Safeways, WholeFoods and mom & pop stores. Erica also runs a successful catering business from the Springfield location.

Stop in this month and help celebrate!

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