Meet Arlington’s newest Pet of the Week, Penelope, a 6 month old Ragdoll who loves to curl up in the bathroom sink.

Here is what Penelope’s owner had to say about her life here in Arlington:

Penelope, or Penny for short, is an energetic, snuggly 6 month old ball of fluff – you can find her on instagram as @playingwithpenny. She’s a Ragdoll from south of Richmond, and has never met a stranger she didn’t like! As her breed suggests, Penny likes to roll around on any surface and particularly loves to curl up in the bathroom sink. This little water baby is always eager for a lick from the faucet.

At the ripe age of 12 weeks old, Penny made the exciting adventure south for the holidays and flew as a carry-on during her first domestic flight. During her vacation, she met her fur-aunt (a friendly Boykin Spaniel) and it was love at first sniff. Penny is always up for a new adventure whether it’s venturing to a neighbor’s apartment in the building or across the street to visit her favorite vet at Clarendon Animal Care. While she’s certainly a night owl, her cuddles make all the late-nights worthwhile.


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