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Arlington Pet of the Week: Sam & Marlowe

Arlington’s newest Pet of the Week is the duo, Sam and Marlowe, who were named after film noir detectives.

Here is what their owner had to say on their behalf:

I suppose you’d better come in and take load off. We are Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade. You may have heard of us. We are brothers who came from the mean streets, what we in the Private Eye business call “under a shed” in the summer of 2010. We stumbled out into the gloom, as our mother couldn’t take care of us and found our way to shelter. Later, a tall, leggy, blond took us in until we could get on our feet. Then we were summoned by a short actress type, a redhead who said we could have a permanent office at her house. Sometimes, you get lucky.

We arrived on All Hallow’s Eve, two babes in the woods without a dollar to our names or a pocket to put one in. The dame, whom we call Momma, said  “Of all the houses in all the city, these two had to walk into mine.” She cuddled both of us and set us up in our new digs, which were nicer than two lugs like us deserved. She introduced us to her husband, a fancy pants lawyer. We weren’t sure about him, but he always gives us breakfast, so he’s ok. The dumb mug doesn’t offer us any of his nightly bourbon, though.

We’re always dressed for business, in our film noir black & white (Sam) and gray and white (Marlowe). Trouble is our business. Most of the time, the trouble is coming from one or both of us, but Momma usually talks some sense into us before we say something we’d regret. One time, Sam was investigating the inside of a wall, and Momma tried to chop him out. He found his own way out and stood next to her while she pulled paneling off the wall. That was one of our toughest cases. Marlowe also investigated the Kitchen Remodel incident by busting through a plastic sheet to verify everything was on the up and up.

Now that we’re almost 10 years old, we spend more of our time snoozing and sitting on Momma whenever she sits down. Marlowe insists on sitting on Momma’s pillow at night and, consequently, now gets his own. Despite several stints in rehab, Sam remains addicted to belly rubs.

To some, the lives of two cats may not amount to a hill of beans, but we think our life turned out pretty swell. If you ever need a renovation investigated or a belly to rub, just call us at Arlington 65000.

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