Arlington, VA

During this pandemic, we’ve asked ourselves some important questions. What do families need? What do families want? How can we still deliver our goal to nurture, empower and challenge children through cooking?

One thing stood out, that was in front of us the whole time! Families are all different — so they need different options!

Tiny Chefs is offering a variety of virtual programs that will fit your families individual needs.

Virtual Video Series: Our virtual video series are available to purchase for families that need self-paced programs. YOU decide when you want your Tiny Chefs cooking in your kitchen. Maybe you utilize the series as a weekly camp. Or an enrichment class. Or just a family fun night! Our virtual series offerings are: Restaurant Creation, The Art of Cupcakes, Dips & Donuts, Cupcake Wars, Cooking Around the World, and American Picnic.

LIVE Virtual Day Camps: Yep, that’s right — we have combined our virtual video series with a live component so your Tiny Chefs get social interaction with their friends during morning and afternoon hang outs, via Zoom. During the afternoon hang out, Tiny Chefs will eat the courses they made during the day, together during this virtual dining session!

Private Virtual Lessons: Want to get a face-to-face (virtual, of course) lesson with the owner herself, Anna Reeves?! This is a special, limited-time offering where we will custom this virtual cooking lesson all about your Tiny Chefs goals & passions in the kitchen!


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