Arlington Pet of the Week: Hank

Meet Arlington’s Pet of the Week, Hank, a 7 month old rescue cat who enjoys playing fetch and looking out the window from his hammock.

Here is what Hank’s owners had to say about his young life here in Arlington:

Hank is a seven-month-old domestic short hair cat who we rescued at 3 months old from Wolf Trap Animal Rescue.  He is named after NoHo Hank from the HBO hit show Barry. As with his namesake, Hank is a super great guy!  He is very cuddly and affectionate, and his purrs can be heard from a different room. He will, however, let you know when enough is enough.

Hank loves to be around his parents. So much so in fact, that he follows them around everywhere! To the bathroom, to the kitchen, and he even tries to do workouts with them in the sunroom. Hank won’t settle until he knows where both of his parents are and that they won’t be getting up from their spot.

When Hank isn’t sleeping in strange posture, or lounging in his water bowl, he is wanting to play with his squeaky toy “Mr. Squeaks”… Sometimes the squeaks can be heard at 2 or 3 in the morning!  Hank has even learned to play fetch! His parents sometimes wonder if they rescued a dog and not a cat!

Hank loves to stare down upon his kingdom via the perch atop his cat tree, or look out at the world from the the view on his window hammock eight floors up.  If you see a friendly cat in the window, don’t be afraid to wave to Hank!

Want your pet to be considered for the Arlington Pet of the Week? Email [email protected] with a 2-3 paragraph bio and at least 3-4 horizontally-oriented photos of your pet. Please don’t send vertical photos, they don’t fit in our photo galleries!

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