Arlington, VA

A tattoo used to be a choice that would be with you forever. Today, however, your tattoo could be a thing of the past. Tattoo removal is now available at ProMD Health in Arlington!

Our advanced Astanza Duality laser will shatter the ink particles in the dermis, allowing the body’s immune system to flush the tattoo ink away. FDA-cleared Astanza lasers utilize two wavelengths to remove a large spectrum of colored ink and a square beam to treat a larger area without overlap.

We use the Zimmer Cryro 6 cooler to lower the temperature of your skin, providing you with the most comfortable experience possible. If desired, additional anesthetic can be utilized to fully “numb” the location being treated. Most patients describe the procedure as “easy,” “only a minute” and “couldn’t even feel it.”

New military guidelines for tattoos are being issued for service men and women. To do our part, ProMD Health is offering discounted treatments to our military members.

Laser Tattoo removal is safe and effective. Let ProMD Health evaluate your tattoo and walk you through the entire process. Call 410-449-2060 to schedule a laser tattoo removal consultation.


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