Biz Talk: Transit Incentive Program — Sustain & Save

This article is sponsored by Arlington Economic Development in partnership with Arlington Transportation Partners.

Is your workplace located within three miles of I-66 inside the beltway? Are your employees stuck in traffic on I-66? If this is the case, then you may want to consider joining the Sustain & Save commuter benefit program to help the environment, to improve your team’s wellbeing and save money.

The Sustain & Save* program is a unique commuter benefit program where employees who commute alone on I-66 and pay tolls can receive $100 each month they commit to a sustainable commute. By switching from driving to one of the eligible options you are taking a vehicle off the road or helping your company to improve employee retention. Eligible options include public transit, carpooling, vanpooling, walking or biking.

Companies enrolled in Sustain & Save will receive support for those who are currently going into the office, those who are considering it, or if the return to office date is a couple months away.

Start today with our quick enrollment process:

  • Reach out to a Commute66 rep to express your interest in Sustain & Save
  • Meet with a Commute66 rep to verify your company is qualified
  • Sign the Employer Participation Form

Commute66 has strived to make a low-maintenance program for enrolled companies. To achieve this, Commute66 manages the program, the enrollment of individual participants, and the covers the monetary contribution.

*Sustain & Save is I-66’s incentive program managed by Commute66 — an Arlington County and Northern Virginia Transportation Commission initiative to provide transit consultation to businesses and properties located inside the beltway along the I-66 corridor respond to the Transform66 Program.