Small Business Focus: Red Bean Harvest LLC

Many of us use coffee to perk ourselves up on a slow day, whether for the taste or the energy.

Regardless of how we use coffee, many drink it with friends, family, or on a date to lighten the mood. Despite knowing the benefits of our favorite coffee, do we know where it comes from and the provider’s history?

That was the question that sparked the curiosity of Maria Martinez and Maximilian Ilea, owners of Red Bean Harvest in Arlington; this small business imports authentic Colombian coffee from various regions of Colombia and focuses on offering its customers an exceptional customer experience. The business works in collaboration with coffee growers in Colombia to select high-quality beans and ensures that every coffee bean sold has the best possible flavor.

“We work directly with farmers to ensure that all our specialty coffee comes with a hundred percent traceability guarantee. In addition, we embrace certifications such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, and Organic to help reduce food waste and make that cup of coffee more enjoyable,” Maria said.

Another important aspect of this business is its commitment to sustainability. Red Bean Harvest cares about the environment and works to minimize its impact on the planet. It uses recyclable and compostable materials for wrappers and other disposable products. Red Bean also ensures that it buys coffee beans from suppliers who use sustainable cultivation and production practices. Consequently, a unique and delicate marmalade is made from the coffee skin so that coffee farmers can reduce food waste and make the process more sustainable.

Before opening the business in Arlington, Red Bean Harvest sought help from BizLaunch en Espanol for guidance on fulfilling the county requirements and complying with all the regulations. Since Red Bean Harvest is a home-based business, it needed to have a website and e-commerce. Thus, BizLaunch helped Red Bean Harvest create those platforms through ReLaunch to expose its business to a new target market.

“BizLaunch has been an incredible help, for which we are very grateful for the exposure that Red Bean Harvest has received. This year we will start selling at events during spring, summer, and fall, and very soon at the Columbia Pike Farmers Market,” Maria said.

Red Bean Harvest products focus on offering their customers an exceptional coffee experience with high-quality beans, expert preparation, sustainability, and accessibility.

If you would like more information about Red Bean Harvest, visit www.redbeanharvestcoffee.com, or learn more about BizLaunch en Español resources.