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Trader Joe’s continues to make progress on likely Crystal City store

Trader Joe’s is seeking an alcohol license at a Crystal City location but is keeping mum about its plans.

The grocery store chain applied for the right to sell beer and wine at 2450 Crystal Drive on March 1 and is still awaiting approval, according to Virginia ABC.

A statement from Trader Joe’s declined to confirm the store opening and provided little clarity on the company’s intentions.

“We are actively looking at hundreds of neighborhoods across the country as we hope to open more new neighborhood stores each year,” Public Relations Manager Nakia Rohde told ARLnow. “At this time, we do not have a location confirmed in Arlington.”

The company noted that 2450 Crystal Drive is not on a published list of imminent store openings. The grocer had a similar response around this time last year after ARLnow asked about a construction permit application filed on the company’s behalf.

There is an existing Trader Joe’s location in Clarendon, which opened in 2011.

Both 2450 Crystal Drive and 2461 S. Clark Street — which are part of the same complex — have recently undergone substantial renovations. Rebranded as Crystal & Clark, the buildings have received upgrades to their appearance and, according to their website, offer “a street-front retail and restaurant opportunity.”

The website lists a “food market” in the works — along with a daycare facility, more eateries and a fitness center — while a rendering depicts an unnamed grocery store.

Portions of the office building still appear to be under construction. Debris and construction equipment are visible in portions of the building next to the Crystal Drive entrance.

Mezeh restaurant at 2450 Crystal Drive has temporarily closed, meanwhile, and is moving elsewhere within the development.