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Accident Involving Metrobus on I-395

by | September 29, 2011 at 10:16 am | 2,181 views | 2 Comments

The Arlington County Fire Department is on the scene of an accident involving an SUV and a Metrobus on the HOV lanes of I-395 near Pentagon City.

The driver of the SUV was reported to have suffered minor injuries. No injuries were reported on the bus.

Traffic heading toward northbound Washington Boulevard squeezes by the accident scene. No HOV lanes are blocked.

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  • charlie

    dont they know they are supposed to have the accident on the southbound side of that curve?

  • Jaimee

    Not surprising…Metro busses drive like jerks. They are AWFUL and need to be put in check. Arlington County fire fighters have had MANY issues with them in the past with attitudes and failing to yield to emergency vehicles. I’m not sure what their training involves but the driving and the attitudes of the drivers are absolutely unacceptable. I have busses FLY past me on 395 when I’m going at least 5 over the speed limit. Just once I’d like to see a metro bus pulled over getting a ticket.


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