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  • novasteve

    Cute doggie. When does Major Pup get to be pet of the week?

    • Hee-Haw

      when he contracts a disease and overcomes it.

      • Major Pup McPuppo

        beat canine AIDS twice

        • Mama Pup McPuppo

          We need to talk…

          • Another Pooch

            The mother is always the last to know…….

  • gospelsinger

    what a wonderful dog! great choice!

  • HJ

    Can’t wait for that cease and desist letter from the Guccione family,

  • YTK

    Glad he is doing well now. As for eating toys — ALL pets WILL try to do that instinctively — one dog even ate a bathrobe once. WE are all they have — it is a GREAT idea to put the toys away when you are not there to supervise the play.

    • Hey Brah!

      RaNDOm cAPiTaLiZatION!!!

  • xarl

    we found kongs to be indistructable—tennis balls can be chewed apart and are dangerous

    • xarl

      sorry–but it does bear repeating

    • JohnB2

      I found that you have to get the black Kongs for them to actually resist destruction. My dog can still tear them up a little but they stand up much better than the red ones.

      • xarl

        I think we did have to get the “industrial strength” one for the giant schnauzer, but our wire foxes were o k with the red since they only chewed them when there was a treat or pb inside

  • Hank

    Cute dog, but I’ve heard some bad things about him.

  • Jessica


  • Naked Man

    I would love to take that dog on walks.

  • Don’t Doubtme

    That dog ain’t right. Naked Man would look good walking it.

  • KathyInArlington

    Porter is adorable. I love all the photos of him. Lucky you to have him and lucky him to have you to look after him.

  • kathy

    Sweet dog and am sure that the Wheaten part of her is what makes her so wonderful. They are sensitive, loving and gentle. Wheatens ( even mixes) are not dogs that need to be scolded , want to be included and are loving to their dog sibling or humans.
    Porter is likely a wonderful companion. Thanks for sharing this photo!

  • Lauren

    Porter you are adorable! Your are just too sweet. I can tell your family loves you very much and that you bring them lots of joy.

    This pet post of the week is definitely my favorite part of Arlnow. It’s great fun to meet our neighborhood pets.

  • abinva

    We have a SCWT, too. I’m surprised that Porter is shy around some people; ours loves everyone with one big exception: children. Probably our fault for not properly socializing him with kids a a pup.


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