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Police Use Taser on Man in Columbia Pike Parking Lot

by ARLnow.com May 18, 2010 at 3:31 am 2,054 4 Comments

Police used a Taser on a man in the parking lot of the Arlington Coin Laundry store just before midnight last night. It’s the first known use of a Taser by Arlington officers since the April 30 incident at a Columbia Pike apartment building where a man died after being Tasered by police.

This latest incident happened at 4821 Columbia Pike, just down the road from April’s incident. Police had been called to the location for a report of intoxicated men trying to break into the laundromat. Shortly after police arrived an officer reported that a Taser had been used on one suspect.

Paramedics were sent to the scene immediately afterward to assess the man’s condition. They left after apparently not finding any life-threatening side effects from the electric jolt.

So far it’s not known what the man did to provoke police. It’s also not known whether he will face any charges.

  • Justin

    Taser’s were intended to replace guns. I wonder if the officer would have shot this alleged criminal if there was no Taser available. Probably not. Abuse of power.

  • Matt

    Tasers were NOT intended to replace guns. Even the jaded, out for shock-headlines, media doesn’t suggest this. Anyone who claims otherwise is abusing their first amendment right to spreading BS.

  • Tom

    Taser seem to be intended to replace or augment restraint holds. You can be seriously injured (especially if you struggle) if someone has a good restraint hold on you, but it seems less likely to cause a fatality. I assume police still use restraint holds in many cases but we just don’t hear about them ?

    • John Antonelli

      The tazer is a restraint device designed to prevent less injury to an out of control/non compliant subject and to protect the police officer. It provides less injury that a night stick, pepper spray, restraint holds and of course a gun.

      Bravo ACPD for doing something to clean up Four Mile Run


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