Beware the Courthouse Creeper

by ARLnow.com May 29, 2010 at 6:24 am 3,694 14 Comments

He is apparently known to Metro employees as “the guy who stands at the bottom of the escalators every morning looking up girls’ skirts.” And Erica Walters, the local blogger behind Books Are My Boyfriend, says she had an up-close, personal and very disturbing encounter with this creepy dude at the Courthouse Metro station this week.

Erica writes that she was going up the escalator at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday when the man suddenly took a photo up her skirt with a cell phone camera, grabbed her and walked away.

To make matters worse, as tears were streaming down her face she asked a “nicely dressed older woman” for help. The woman’s reaction? To shake her head and keep on walking.

Erica goes on to say that she spotted the man on the Courthouse escalators again on Thursday. This time, she had the presence of mind to turn the lens on him. She snapped her own cell phone camera photo, then filed a report with Arlington police (who she says have been “immensely helpful”).

She also talked to a Metro employee, who said she recognized the man in the photo as someone who has a track record of sexual harassment in the station (see the quote above). It’s not clear whether anybody at Metro has ever tried to do anything about it.

Photo via Flickr. No association with the story is implied.

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  • Mike

    Chris Zimmerman and the Metro Board are useless.

  • Why is the perv not in jail right now?

  • Thes

    Well, here we go. “Mike” (perhaps AKA Mike Lane, former County Board member) will now proceed from now until November to blame every pervert, pothole, car fire, thunderstorm, pimple and cough on Chris Zimmerman. Not any of the other four County Board members, and not any of the other dozen Metro Board members — just Chris Zimmerman personally. Nothing is ever Jim Graham’s fault (do you even know who that is?) or Barbara Favola’s. Usually there will be no explanation, or if there is one, it will be made-up. No solutions will be offered, of course. Just blame, blame, blame. This is why Republicans typically get less than 35% of the vote in Arlington, and why they desperately want to destroy Arlington’s government and replace it with the rural County Board form — rather than take responsibility for providing any realistic improvements of their own.

    • Mike

      A) I’m not going to blame Favoloa or anyone else on the CB for this because they don’t have any oversight for Metro. Zimmy does. He’s the most tenured member of the Metro Board. Poor service, killing customers and general nit-wittery is what we’ve gotten. The only thing he does well is raise fares.

      B) You’re a moron. It probably hasn’t occured to you there might be more than ONE person named “Mike”. Your powers of deduction at identifying which “Mike” it may be is amazing.

      C) I included the rest of the Metro board as being “useless”, but that brings me back to point A)

  • Darwin

    “To make matters worse, as tears were streaming down her face she asked a “nicely dressed older woman” for help. The woman’s reaction? To shake her head and keep on walking.”

    Classic Arlington response! I’ve been here for 7 years and I’m ready to move because I’m tired of the rude, self-centered A-Holes that make up the majority of my neighbors. She could have been further assulted and most people in Arlington would do little more than be upset with her for slowing them down on their way to their Kickball game.

  • MB

    Solution: snap a pic of this douchebag and post it.

    Also: Darwin, I kind of doubt that you live in Arlington. Not my (or my friends’) experience at all.

    • Darwin

      I live in Arlington and have as I stated for 7 years, do a test for yourself, drive down Fairfax or Wilson and when the light turns green wait 1 to 2 seconds before driving forward, see how many peole begin honking because they are very important and must not be delayed for even a second.

  • Mike


    The victim already got a pic and posted it online.

  • Hey this is Erica Walters thanks for posting this, I just wanted to apologize for what is now a broken link to that particular blog entry. I just decided the place for that story was news and harassment blogs and not my fluffy homemaking blog, because it kept making me upset to see it. Thank you so much for your supportive words.

    • Mike

      Nice job on snapping the picture. Hopefully they will get the bastard.

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  • This subject is now in custody. There were several people who stated this happened to them as well on this blog although we do not have additional reports. Would those victims, and any other victims of this subject PLEASE contact the Arlington County Police Det Icolari at [email protected] Additionally, any witnesses of these occurrences please also contact us. Thank you all for your assistance!

    • Mike

      Nice job. Now waterboard the jerk.


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