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Liberty Tavern Group to Take Over Alpine Restaurant

by ARLnow.com June 2, 2010 at 2:07 pm 9,562 16 Comments

Fresh off the successful launches of Lyon Hall and Northside Social, the Liberty Tavern Restaurant Group is taking over Lee Highway institution Alpine Restaurant, two sources tell ARLnow.com.

The 44-year-old Italian eatery closed last month after owner Ermanno Tonizzo decided to sell the restaurant and retire. We hear that the new owners are trying to decide whether Alpine will remain a restaurant or will be transformed into something else.

It’s not clear what other form the property may take — a bar or a coffee shop would not be out of the realm of possibility — but so far the new owners have been very tight-lipped about their apparent acquisition.

Liberty’s Stephen Fedorchak had no comment about the group’s plans. Without explicitly confirming that a deal was made, he said it would be “months” before anything regarding Alpine is revealed.

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  • Mike

    If they do to Alpine what they did to Whitey’s then I hope the place burns down.

  • Skeptical

    Ouch, Mike, lighten up. I ate at the Alpine all of once and got food poisoning. Even Whitey’s couldn’t accomplish that.

  • John H

    The Guys who own Liberty, Northside Social and Lyon Hall have nothing to do with Talulla (the restaurant previously known as Whitey’s). The Neighborhood Restaurant Group are the owners.

  • Mike

    Talulla… yes, it needs to burn.

    • careful, dude

      Mike, your language suggests a lot of anger, which is hard to understand given we’re talking about a simple bar. What you wrote may be construed as a threat.

  • Fat Kid.

    First they take away Matlock, then Sizzler, now the Alpine?

    What are senior citizens in Arlington supposed to do now?

    • Claire

      Why, they will go to the Carriage House, of course!

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  • NotAPro

    I drive by the Alpine every day and there is no sign of progress. Any update from the new owners? I would love a second Northside.

    • I keep asking, but there’s still no update, unfortunately.

      • HungryonLee

        One year later. Any word that you’ve heard?

        • Nothing new to report.

          • HungryonLee


      • Amy

        Any word yet? The property is in terrible shape, broken windows and weeds growing everywhere. The neighbors would appreciate some word of what is going on.

  • Chris

    There’s a backhoe and dumpster there today! Progress? Anyone have any gossip?


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