New Columbia Pike Library Being Considered

by ARLnow.com June 8, 2010 at 7:57 am 1,884 13 Comments

Arlington Public Library officials are considering moving the Columbia Pike Branch Library from the Arlington Career Center on South Walter Reed Drive to the soon-to-be-redeveloped Arlington Mill Community Center, near the western end of the Pike (see map).

The potential move, just revealed to the public, may be necessary if an expansion of the Career Center eats into the library’s current space.

The revamped Arlington Mill Community Center is expected to have a floor or two open for the library, should it be forced to relocate.

The plan is being presented for public comment on the web and at a town meeting to be held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 16, at the library.

“We recognize that any move presents challenges for the community,” a spokesperson wrote on the Library News blog. “We want to hear from you about how such a move would affect your use of the Columbia Pike branch.”

  • Katie

    I don’t use that branch anyway. It’s really ugly.

  • Skeptical

    Redundant location. It’s practically in the pocket of the Glencarlyn Branch.

  • Arlingtonian

    Glencarlyn is over 3 miles away. If you want to close or move redundant libraries, look at Cherrydale which is only 1.1 mile from the Central main library. The area around the Columbia Pike library depends on having an accessible, walkable library, not to mention it is located next to an elementary school whose students rely on the clsoe proximity.

  • ACE

    I LOVE that branch — and Arlington Mill is TOO far away!!!
    DO NOT MOVE THAT BRANCH!!!! Don’t you realize that THREE new hi rises have been built less than THREE BLOCKS from that library!! If anything, that branch is needed more than ever now!!!!!

  • Christine

    I live right across the street from the Columbia Pike branch. PLEASE don’t move it! I go there once or twice a month to get a new book to read, and I won’t be able to do that if they move it 🙁

  • Mike

    How about maintaing hours at the current branches first???

  • Rachel

    My husband and I recently moved to Arlington Heights and the proximity of the library was a big part of the decision. Please don’t move it! I really love being able to walk to the library. I think moving the library would be detrimental to the surrounding areas, which are becoming more populated.

  • Chris

    Don’t move the Pike library! There are tons of new residents nearby who are going to be utilizing it.

  • John

    This proposal is contrary to the wishes of the neighborhoods surrounding the library, It is not a relocation it is a removal. Moving the library across the street of a few blocks is a relocation as happened in the 1970s when it moved form Glebe and Columbia pike to it’s current location. This library was created by the residents of the neighborhoods that surround it with donations raised in the 1930s. Neighborhood conservation plans stress the importance of maintaining the library and the current plan to redevelop the career center includes a provision for the library. I’m very angry that this is being sprung on residents with only a single community meeting before the board is supposed to vote on this.

  • Pat Day

    The location is great for those of us who work in the area.
    The personnel at the library are wonderful, too.

  • Jill Babcock Kern

    Moving a branch library even one block is a big deal! I live near the Westover Branch and can testify that even though the new Westover library is larger and closer to a main street (Washington Boulevard), the move was a major inconvenience to many people, and permanence of location is a very important attribute of a community service like the library. Suggestions to move the Columbia Pike Branch to Glencarlyn don’t make sense — that’s a much smaller building with no room for expansion, which was also suggested for closure itself a few years ago. Also, with many county projects running behind schedule because of budget problems, who knows when the Arlington Mill redevelopment will be finished? The Columbia Pike library is not only located near an elementary school, it is in the same building as the Arlington Public Schools Career Center, a high school program. Closing it would be contrary to the Arlington County policy of centralizing public services as much as possible.

  • Angie

    Please don’t move our community library! It means so much to have a library within walking distance. Our babysitter takes my son there for story hour, and she wouldn’t be able to walk the distance to the proposed location farther down the Pike. We also rent books there about twice a month and because of that my son loves reading. All our neighbors would be sad to see it go too.

  • Nancy L

    I live about midway between the Columbia Pike branch and the Arlington Mill site. I personally feel that Arlington Mill makes little sense as a place to relocate the library to as it is closer to both the Glencarlyn and Shirlington branches than is Columbia Pike. The Columbia Pike branch is ideally located near other county functions as well as the farmer’s market and is a heavily used branch. If the county would simply do a little upkeep on it (like putting in new carpet), it would be wiser and more economical to leave it where it is.


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