VOTE: Arlington’s Cutest Dog Contest (Group D)

by ARLnow.com June 25, 2010 at 1:10 pm 4,374 148 Comments

It’s Friday. That means everybody is leaving work early to get ready for a weekend of beach/barbecue/cheering on Team USA/etc.

So in fairness to Group D of our Arlington’s Cutest Dog contest, we’re getting voting started early.

Before you run out of the office, vote for up to three of the dogs below (after the jump). It’s the perfect way to start the weekend, really.

Voting for Group D will end on Friday, July 2 at 2:00 p.m.

Here’s a reminder of what’s at stake in the final round:

  • Grand Prize: Apple iPad (courtesy of Siena Park, the new pet-friendly luxury apartment community on Columbia Pike)
  • Second Prize: $100 Wylie Wagg gift certificate (courtesy of Wylie Wagg in Clarendon, featuring healthy food and supplies for dogs and cats)
  • Third Prize: $50 Wylie Wagg gift certificate
  • All top three finishers will receive a soccer ball fetch toy from Wylie Wagg, in honor of the World Cup.

Good luck to all the contestants!

  • Chris

    GOOOOOOOOO PARKER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheri

    Parker is cute! He has the same eyes as my Sadie (from Group A).

  • Sheri

    Sorry, *she* has the same eyes!

  • kylah

    nikolai will eat all other dogs in a cutness eating contest

  • elizabeth

    Nikolai is by far the winner! Look at that face!!!

  • Arlingtonian

    OMG Lucy is the cutest dog I have ever seen!

  • Heather Brutz

    Very cute. Very big.

  • Jim Inhofe

    Nikolai is adorable.

  • Meghan

    They’re all cute, but Parker is really working those eyes! She’s a charmer 🙂

    • I love Parker’s deep, cute, soulful eyes…they apeak volumes.

    • She is a charmer. Best Wishes. LOTS OF LOVE, DAD

  • Harry Reid

    Finally, something we can all come together on Jim.
    Nikolai all the way!

  • Lisa

    Nikolai has my vote!


  • Jamie

    Looks like Nicolai’s friends are trying to stack the deck….but PARKER will win in the long run! She will win a close vote.

  • Joe

    Cooper has his own fan club.

  • Heather

    Chloe, you cute little rescue dog–you are stunning!!

  • Nikolai

    Go big dog!

    • Joy Grant

      Sweet dog, just a gentle giant!

  • Tarah

    All are adorable … but COOPER is the cutest!!

  • Larry C


  • Bill

    These dogs are cute – but LUCY is by far the most adorable! Look at those eyes!

  • Janice

    Miss Chloe. Cutie Pie, we need to see your sleek body, your shiny coat and your squiggly little tale.

  • Wackysoft

    GO LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    Let’s hear it for Snuffy!

  • Leigh

    I am Tito’s proud Mommy. He was rescued 6 years ago after being picked up as a stray in Baltimore. Tito has battled disc disease and became completely paralyzed in December 2008. Our poor baby was there in spirit but his little body gave out on him. He underwent a difficult surgery and fought his way to recovery. We count our blessings every day that Tito continues to be a part of our (growing) family. Tito will welcome a new baby sister in the next few weeks and is excited to be a big brother!

  • Michelle

    Snuffy, aka Mr. Snuffles!!! If they could see you fly, SuperDog, there would be no contest. Can’t wait to play that WorldCup soccer ball with you, after Brazil wins the Cup! See you when we get back, Fofos!

  • SoArlington

    Group D is really looking like the Group of Death as far as cuteness, but Lucy is really looking like a potential group winner!!!

  • Jess

    COOPER… omg beauty content worthy!


  • Lucy Lovers!

    LONG LU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote Lucy!!!!!!!

    • kathy kennedy

      Cutest EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucy!!!

    Lucy is the cutest dog on the page… sorry other puppies- that one has you beat.

  • Chan Ho Bark

    Lucy looks SOOOOOO tasty! I’d like to boil her in a pot and then eat her! Yes, she looks delicious!

  • Arlingdong

    some of these dogs are not cute at all. Like Cooper. lets just say if Cooper were my dog, i’d shave his butt and teach it to walk backwards. what i mean is Cooper makes me want to puke my guts out when i look at him.


  • Arlington Resident


    I bet you need to have your butt shaved.

  • Arlingdong

    i do, i have a super hairy butt! but its tough to shave your own butt, have you ever tried? Its really hard! if youre volunteering though, sure, why not!?!

  • Joe

    Cooper has NY/NJ connections. Best keep one eye open when you sleep.

  • Arlingdong

    cool, i’m from new jersey, what part?

  • Joe

    He’ll poop in your bed!

  • Arlington Resident

    That’s ok, Arlingdong. I prefer not having to navigate through the Amazon when utilizing my cosmopology skills.

  • Arlingdong

    what are you talking about arlington resident, i live in arlington, not the amazon! LOL! wrong continent! LOL!


    This is fun! Vote Parker! She loves Arlington!

  • Josey

    The voting is right. Cooper is the cutest dog of this group.

  • JIM

    This is a vote for Snuffy. He is beyond cute.

  • James Hoban

    NIKOLAI!!!!!!! omgz

  • dog master champion

    looks like cooper’s owners paid a bunch chinese laborers the met playing world of warcraft to vote multiple times for their mediocre dog and skew the voting results. i would expect nothing less from such dog owners of questionable ethical standards. i real desperate and pathetic ploy if you think about it.

  • Joe

    I guess Lucy doesn’t like the results. Ha. My 3 votes went to Cooper, Audrey, and Elliot.

  • kelly

    I voted for Lucy because I have a little girl that looks just like her!!

  • Amanda

    She’s ready for her close-up! Parker! Win this thing, puppy!
    Aunt Amanda

  • ArlingtonBeer

    Snuffy is the cutest, hands down.

  • Helen

    SOPHIE is so woesome! I just LOVE her look—so cute!

  • Sal

    Parker for the win! 😀

  • Wise St

    Lucy is the contender to beat!

  • Jenny

    Lucy has this, hands down!!!

  • Chan Ho Bark

    oh man, im starving, I CANT WAIT TO EAT THOSE DOGS!

  • Clarendingus

    Looks like WISE st made the WISE call. Lucy is sure to be champion.

  • lil bow wow wowzer

    whats with all the sour grapes coming from the cooper fans? are they just mad that their favorite dog has the face of another dog’s taint?

  • ed kennedy

    Cutest dog ever! Remunds me of my wife’s granddog!

  • Mike V

    Cooper for the win!!!!!!!
    Dog master chap stop crying you fail no one likes you “if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it” – mom

  • Go Tito!

  • Jarrod

    Tito all the way!

  • cj

    I voted for tito

  • Better watch out, Tito’s posse is here and in full force. Go Tito! Win one for all the old pups out there! Woohoo!!!

  • Power to the old dogs of the world!

  • Laura

    Lucy’s adorable! She should definitely win!

  • Hi again, I keep getting Terry’s e-mail on my e-mail, but I voted again. Parker is a winner in my eyes. LOTS OF LOVE, DAD

  • Holly


  • Got Tito?

  • I got 5 on Tito!

  • Tito for 2010!

  • My votes for tito

  • Tito’s muh dawg!

  • Puggles

    Chloe for president!!! She’s no underdog!

  • Trish

    Go Tito! Old Dogs Rule!

  • Sandy McKee

    Parker, You go girl!! [got my vote]

  • Linda Kosier

    Parker wins hands down!

  • renee

    paws down, elliot is the cutest in arlington!

  • Exa

    Parker’s the one…. Go Team P

  • Abu

    Behold everyone! Here comes Parker!

  • Lee Diamond

    I am with SOPHIE because she is sweet & beautiful

  • Sophie is the “older” lady of the group, and is still as cute as can be!

  • Mike V

    Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper

  • lets go Tito!

  • Socal

    The state of California is supporting Lucy!!!!

  • Raleigh, NC

    So is North Carolina!!!!!! GO LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wackysoft

    A vote for Lucy is a vote for America!

  • Doug

    Washington sounding off. We voted for Lucy!

  • USA

    World Cup Party NC just unanimously voted for Lucy!!!

  • Go USA

    The bar at P Brennan’s just all voted for Lucy. By far the cutest!

  • Winston M.

    Just got Budapest, Hungary behind Lucy!!!!! VOTE LUCY FOR CUTEST DOG!!!!

  • KC

    Go Coop-a-loop-er

  • Sic’em Tito!

  • Tito, Tito, Tito

  • elisabeth

    Parker you are soooo cute!! love your picture.Good luck!!!!

  • My dog Tito…almost in first, neato…Buy him a bag of chips, Fritos!

  • Drop it like it hots, Tito!

  • It’s a bird, it’s a plane…It’s Tito!

  • cj


  • Bob

    Titos gonna pull it off

  • tito

  • Jon

    Sophie is dressed for success, don’t you think?

  • Virginia Watson

    Chloe wins, hands down!

  • Millie Trimble

    Chloe is the darling dog of the bunch! I vote for Chloe!

  • Chick

    Under that blue striped sweater is a mass of bulging manly muscles. Tito for the win!

  • Chick

    Tito is made of steel and brawn.

  • cute dog

  • Pommegranite

    Me gusta TITO!!!!!!!

  • Gomez


  • Admiral Smooth

    Señor Tito


    Nice work Cooper fans on CHEATING!! They really need to find some way to regulate this…Tito for the WIN!

    • Tom

      Pot meet kettle!

  • Arlingcheats!

    Nice work Cooper fans on ruining it for all the competitors!

    • For the record, we haven’t seen any evidence of cheating in the contest.

  • patrizia

    I’m patrizia from milan italy, and i’m a member of chihuahua forum
    I voted for Tito compliments to him, hope he’ll be the winner

    • Leigh

      thank you!!

  • Annoyed

    How does a dog go from 200 some votes to well over 600 votes in the matter of a Sunday…you know who you are.

    • RichB

      Please stop these baseless cheating accusations. All it takes is one chain email asking for votes for your dog and it will skyrocket. This is about Arlington’s Cutest Dog which is supposed to be light-hearted and fun. My dogs will always be the cutest dogs to me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to get vicious or competitive if some other dog wins. Actually, I’m ecstatic I was just able to get my puppies to sit still for a picture. Next year here we come!!!

      • Sheri

        Well, Rich, I have your evidence. It is really quite disturbing.

        Yesterday I received a Facebook message from an individual who went on a tirade about the “inappropriate” method of soliciting votes for a dog through messages to friends on Facebook. Here is just some of what this individual said, and I quote:

        “As a person who has my own personal interest in this contest…I can promise you that I have software that will ensure the outcome in this contest that I desire. Sadie couldn’t win a second runner up in the Arlington’s Cutest Dogs – Group. Ugly, yet she is in contention is an atrocity.”

        That’s lovely isn’t it? I don’t know which dog owner sent me this message. I sent the message to the editor at arlnow, but there wasn’t a name match. But the editor did say that using online media is a perfectly acceptable way to get support in the contest.

        This whole thing has dampened my faith in humanity just a little bit. People are really twisted.

  • Fox

    Lucy is, hands down, the cutest!

  • Becky Hensley

    Your “granddog” is, of course, the cutest! I will always vote for you and your children. I hope you have a blessed day. Becky

  • Frank

    it is funny because the cutest pups in this group is elliot, Cooper, and Lucy. All the rest are just egh.

  • I can’t wait for another dog to catch up to Cooper, then watch his vote total “magically” increase to take the lead again, no matter what the margin. Cooper=cheater!!!!!!!!

  • Frank

    To be clear I don’t think it is cheating to…

    1) Cast a vote from each computer you use.
    2) share the site with friends, family, coworkers, fraternity/sorority members.
    3) ask all of the above to share it with their colleagues.

    I know I posted it on FB, Twitter, list-servs, etc for my friend’s dog.

  • Melanie

    Frank, those strategies aren’t cheating. I’ve done those things. But there are other things people are probably doing with their settings to trick the system.

  • Melanie

    I saw your post up the chain, Rich. Note that I said “probably.” It’s highly unlikely that a dog could get 400 votes, esp. on a Sunday through chain mail or social media. It is supposed to be light-hearted and fun. That’s why it’s sad if people are cheating!

  • Amber

    We did figure out a way to cheat – it’s easy enough to do – but we are NOT doing it for Bear (Group C). It’s sad that people would take the fun out of this! (And, no cheating is not voting from all of your computers, etc. It appears there is a technical way to cheat from just one computer.) ALL of these dogs are adorable!

    • Sheri

      You are exactly right, Amber. It’s quite easy to cheat, actually. But, we are not doing it, although I’m pretty sure there’s a dog in our group cheating (group A). I’m very active on social media, and got 40 votes for my dog this morning over a span of 3 hours. Then this other dog gets 60 votes in 10 minutes. lol I’ll just let them win it. They must be really hard up for an Ipad. I entered the contest before the Ipad was even announced!

      • Amber

        It’s really too bad. We were having fun when this first started!

  • Ed the animal expert


    You really know your animals!

  • AllenB

    Wow, this is getting really nasty. It’s just a cute dog contest, folks. No one is going to get rich off this.

  • Tito

    I’m Tito’s owner, and we really appreciate all the support. That being said, it seems like there are people out generating votes in a suspect manner for a few dogs. To be completely honest, it looks like its happening with my dog as well. Many dogs had a fishy jump in vote total over the weekend. I’m not sure why people would cheat in a contest like this, but if you are doing so for my dog, please stop. We’ve really worked hard to get Tito a ton of votes, and if we win, we’d like to do so honestly.

    • Lucy

      As Lucy’s owners, we have worked hard to publicize this to every friend, family, co-worker, Facebook friend, acquaintance, dachshund blog, etc. that we can. We really appreciate everyone’s work bringing out the votes for Lucy as every chain e-mail that gets sent keeps increasing her network of voters as well as the network of vote solicitors. I hope our supporters as well as other dog’s supporters aren’t stooping to trying to game the system on this fun activity full of cuteness.

    • Champ

      Just because your dog is un-cute and the voters recognized that fact does not make other dogs cheaters. grow up.

  • Lulu!!!!!!!

    Long Lucy FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    As Cooper’s owner, I can tell you that I thought this was a cute idea and I did share the link with has many people I know, co-workers, friends, old-friends, family, etc. I don’t know what is going on, but I do think Cooper is a cute dog. I think they all should just get together to play.

  • Bruce

    Audrey is BY FAR the cutest dog – not just in Arlington!

  • Lucytown

    Let’s go Lucy!

  • Katie

    See, this won’t happen during the Best Cat contest. Cat people don’t mistake their furry friends for CHILDREN–and also know that all cats are gorgeous.* 😉

    *this is meant to be light-hearted.

  • Kaela

    BANDIT IS AWESOME!!!! He should be in at least the top 3.

  • Kaela

    Vote Bandit! He was adopted from the Lost Dog Foundation in Arlington so he loves Arlington!!!!!

  • Sean

    Wow… it’s unbelievable how far you people will go to discredit Cooper! You seriously thought we would believe this fake “the contest is over” post? I’m sorry that you lost to Arlington’s (and the World’s)cutest dog, Cooper.

    • Sheri

      Sean, you’re not speaking about my post, are you? This truly did happen to me yesterday (as unbelievable as it sounds). It was a pretty insane message. I thought I’d share it with the group that was discussing cheating…I’m not saying the person who sent me the message is from this group (and my dog is in Group A). Who knows which owner sent me the twisted message – but it is someone with a dog in the contest, as he stated.

      • Sean

        @Sheri, no, I believe you. I was referring to a post on here earlier from someone claiming to be “ARLnow.com” saying that the contest was over and that all entries were disqualified. I now know how low people will stoop.

  • Sheri

    Ah, I missed that post. This whole thing is ridiculous.

  • Cutetown, USA

    I’m taking the Lucy highway to Cutetown! GO LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Audrey

    Good afternoon! I realize as you are voting, you don’t know much about me besides how cute I am. Therefore I thought I would give you a little bit of background about me:

    Though born in Texas, this seven-month-old miniature schnauzer is not exactly a proper southern belle. Instead, Audrey (like her namesake of Hepburn notoriety) enjoys the funner things in life. When not at doggie daycare, you can find this 15 pound ball of fluff playing outside, snuggling with her stuffed squirrel, or hanging with her best cocker spaniel friend Rooney. An avid sports fan, Audrey couldn’t get enough of the French Open, and even trains on her own by chasing tennis balls. She keeps her slender physique with a strict diet of cheerios, turkey and cheese, and especially hot dogs. In the future, Audrey would like to make a career out of birdwatching, but for now she’ll settle for watching birds from her bedroom window and chasing them when outside. If you’re lucky, she’ll even do her bird impression for you.

  • Viviane

    Bonne chance Piper, tu es la plus belle . Un petit bisou sur le truffe …….


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