Cava Meets Clarendon

by ARLnow.com July 1, 2010 at 2:45 pm 6,218 14 Comments

The parade of new restaurants coming to Clarendon continues. Missy Frederick at the Washington Business Journal has today’s scoop that Cava, a popular upscale Greek eatery, will be coming has leased a nearly 4,000 square foot space in the new Station Square development on Clarendon Boulevard.

This will be Cava’s third location, with the other two located in Rockville, Md. and on Capitol Hill. Owner Ted Xenohristos told WBJ that Clarendon offers “a perfect demographic.”

“It’s like a little city over there,” he said.

We’ve been told — strictly off the record — that Cava isn’t the only popular Capitol Hill restaurant that’s eying Clarendon as an area for expansion. This restaurant (which we’ll name after getting confirmation) is in the process of looking for the right space to lease, we hear.

  • diane


  • AllenB

    Please tell us it’s Matchbox.

  • Arlington Observer

    Matchbox is not a Capitol Hill restaurant. It is in Penn Quarter.

  • JR

    sorry arlington observer – matchbox is both in gallery place and on barracks row, where Cava is located. matchbox would be awesome and make a lot of sense.

  • “Perfect demographic” = best prey for price inflation even during a recession. So in reality what Clarendon NEEDS (rather than how it could be exploited) is a neighborhood haunt with prices that are non-offensive.

    • AllenB

      Clarendon has plenty of places with “non-offensive” prices: Boulevard Woodgrill, Whitlows, Faccia Luna, Mexicali Blues and Spider Kelly’s to just name a few.

      • Wasn’t thinking about bar food…

        • AllenB

          There’s plenty more than bar food at most of those places… and others. Sounds like you just want high end restaurants for low end prices. Doesn’t exist here, sorry.

  • EatMore DrinkMore

    I think the most likely case is Matchbox. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Good Stuff Eatery either. I know they had mentioned expanding to Virginia.

  • Danielle

    Mmmm…Cava is so good – great news for us! I’m not sure where the new Station Square development is though, is that where Le Pain Quotidien is?

    • It’s the three high-rise brick buildings on the 1200 blocks of North Garfield Street and North Fillmore Street, just off Clarendon Blvd (near 3 Bar and Grill, et al).

  • LP

    Finally, the other commercial space in my building is leased! Screwtop is going to have some competition, looking forward to going downstairs to Cava.

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    • AllenB

      We do have some new pizza place opening – Fire Works and Pete’s A Pizza. But the best I’ve had so far is Matchbox. Nothing beats sharing a plate of their sliders and a pizza. Okay, now I’m hungry again.


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