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by ARLnow.com July 1, 2010 at 5:37 am 1,492 5 Comments

It’s July — After the hottest June on record in DC, we have finally reached the temperate month of July.

Virginia/WMATA Deal Imminent? — The Metro board of directors is holding an emergency phone meeting this morning to approve a last-minute funding deal with Virginia’s state government. Two weeks ago Gov. Bob McDonnell threatened to withhold $50 million in funding for the agency unless the state could get two seats on the Metro board. More from the Washington Examiner.

Lawmakers Blast Arlington Cemetery Mistakes — At a hearing on mismanagement at Arlington National Cemetery, Rep. Ike Skelton (D-Mo.) told Army Secretary John McHugh that he was “downright angry” about the mistakes that led to hundreds of misidentified or unmarked graves. “Management ineptitude and neglect has resulted in a web of errors,” Skelton said. “How in the world could this tragedy be allowed to happen?” More from NPR.

State Police Cracking Down for the Fourth — Virginia State Police will step up enforcement this weekend, Dr. Gridlock reports. Officers will be on the lookout for speeders, drunk drivers and people not wearing their seat belts.

Miss Virginia Overcame Speech Impediment — Caitlin Uze, the new Miss Virginia and a Washington-Lee High School grad, still has a bit of a lisp. But as a kid in Arlington’s public schools, her speech impeach impediment was much more noticeable, and it led to her being teased mercilessly by a bully. During her reign as Miss Virginia, Uze will use her experience to encourage kids to build self-confidence. More from the Arlington Connection.

Murray Relishes Moran-Limbaugh Spat — To the delight of underdog Republican challenger Patrick Murray, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has taken aim at his opponent, congressman Jim Moran (D-Va). Limbaugh called Moran a “left-wing hatemonger” after Moran suggested that Limbaugh may be partially responsible for inciting violence against census workers. In an email, Murray’s campaign called Limbaugh’s on-air rant “a huge breakthrough.”

  • Susan Slaughter

    I’d like to leave a comment about the State Police crackdown, which I am all for, except I hope that includes these morons yapping on their cell phones! These people are an extreme danger to all of us on the road.

    • Skeptical

      Amen, Susan. These people frighten me into next week. Twenty years ago a few rare people had “car phones” because it was a business necessity. Now you can’t drive a quarter-mile without seeing someone holding a phone jammed to their ear and negotiating turns, lane changes and heavy traffic with one hand on the wheel. You’re not that important, people. Hang up the damn thing and drive.

      • Doug

        Amen Skeptical! As Rhianna says in her song — “Shut Up and Drive!”

  • Correction

    Wow, Gov. Bob withholds a whopping $50??? Metro really is pinching pennies!

    • Ah yes, that should probably say $50 million.


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