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VOTE: Arlington’s Cutest Dog Contest (Final Round)

by ARLnow.com July 5, 2010 at 3:00 pm 4,152 80 Comments

This one’s for all the Milk-Bones. The final round of our Arlington’s Cutest Dog contest is here, and five of the area’s most charming canines are competing for your affection.

Like the group stage, voting for the final round will last a week. Unlike the group stage, you’ll only be able to vote for one contestant, so choose carefully.

Here is what’s at stake in the final round:

  • Grand Prize: Apple iPad (courtesy of Siena Park, the new pet-friendly luxury apartment community on Columbia Pike)
  • Second Prize: $100 Wylie Wagg gift certificate (courtesy of Wylie Wagg in Clarendon, featuring healthy food and supplies for dogs and cats)
  • Third Prize: $50 Wylie Wagg gift certificate
  • All top three finishers will receive a soccer ball fetch toy from Wylie Wagg, in honor of the World Cup.

Voting closes at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, July 12.

See the contestant “biographies” and vote for your favorite, after the jump.

* * *

Buster — Buster is “very friendly” and is the “best dressed” Chihuahua in town, says his owners. He also “loves to Hoover around the house and eat anything that is edible and sometimes non edible.”

“He makes our life very interesting and has changed it in many ways,” says Ruchi and Arun, his owners. “He is the best thing that has come our way for a long time.”

Buster is one and a half years old.

Mago — Mago (pronounced MAH-go) was “born on the mean streets of Kentucky and lived her first few months foraging through dumpsters.” She eventually wound up at Wagamuffins rescue in Frederick, Md. She was adopted and brought to live in Rosslyn (zip code 22209) on Feb. 22, 2009 (or 2-22-09).

Mago, who is believed to be a whippet-beagle mix, is allergic to dog food and eats “a prescription vegetarian diet.” But that doesn’t stop her from participating in long walks or from “ninja-ing” into her owners’ bed late at night.

Bentley — Bentley was born on St. Patrick’s Day four years ago (a bit ironic for an English lab) at a farm in Winchester, Va. He moved to his new home in Arlington shortly thereafter.

He’s a big fan of the Clarendon dog park, but he could do without some of the thieving dogs who steal his toys. He eats only the finest organic dog food and is an accomplished swimmer.

Bentley considers himself a lucky dog, his owners say. Probably because everywhere he does people can’t seem to resist petting him.

Lucy — A graduate of the Olde Towne School for Dogs, Lucy is a miniature Dachshund whose interests include “sleeping, napping, lounging, sunbathing, resting, kicking back, relaxing and siesta-ing.”

“In between her daily 20 hours of sleep, Lucy enjoys begging for bacon at the table as well as chasing squirrels in Butler Holmes Park,” we’re told.

Lucy “has been the greatest impulse purchase our family has ever known,” her owners say.

Cooper — The biggest vote-getter in the first round, Cooper resides in a small townhouse in Fairlington with his owner, Joe.

Cooper “escaped from the evil clutches of New Jersey to reside here in luxury,” Joe says. He “is a sucker for bacon and eggs” and “loves to play with bouncy balls.”

An unlikely guard dog, Cooper “is always on alert to keep off pesky robbers and the most stubborn of mail carriers.”

* * *

Thank you again to our fantastic sponsors, Siena Park and Wylie Wagg.

  • Linda

    GO LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucytown, USA

    Lucy brings the cuteness!

    • kathy kennedy

      If Lucy was in the Miss America Pagent she would win Miss Congeniality hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chan Ho Bark

    The most mouth-watering savory dogs in all of Arlington! Bring on the main course, I say!

  • N R Schandelmeier

    C’mon Lucy! Let’s bring this thing home!

  • Could Lucy be cuter than in this video??!!? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7-_R7NCTlg

  • Not Mike

    Oh behave, people, please. Bentley is the only one who looks like a dog. The others are… caricatures of dogs.

    • Maggie

      Hear, hear!!!

  • Carolyn

    Cutest Dog Ever–Lucy IS!!

  • All the dogs are adorable, but Lucy is the cutest!!!

  • Jeff

    Does anyone know when David hired Chan Ho as his translator? Was he also able to hire a set of eyes to place his online vote ?

  • They are all adorable, but I think Lucy is the cutest!!!

  • Sarah

    All cute, voting for Bentley

  • Vanita Kataria

    Chihuahuas are the cutest! Good Luck Buster!

  • charlie

    with all due respect, this is clearly a popularity contest of the owners and how many of their friends they can get to vote.
    four of the five dogs are just not cute in any way shape or form, based on their pictures.
    seriously now.

    • Eliane

      Have to agree with you here. It turned into the most personable, photogenic etc dog but certainly not the cutest dog. There were cuter dogs in the first rounds that didn’t make it through.

      • Whiny McWhinywhine

        There looks to be a lot of sour grapes from the first round losers!

        • fradulent

          i wonder if this is the same guy from the first round that thought it was cool to have the same person vote on multiple computers. like owning the most laptops qualifies your dog as cute. seriously, they didn’t think that was cheating. it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad, someone not having any concept of ethics or morality like that.

      • Anne

        Totally agree, Elaine! How unfortunate.

  • Rick

    go buster!

  • They are all sooo precious, but Cooper is sooooo cute!!! You go Cooper you’re the sweetest baby of them all!!!

  • christine

    henry is sending all his pit bull love and luck to lucy! you go girl!!

  • Sherman DOGlas

    I vote for Chan Ho Bark as the best commenter name.

    • Seoul Man

      I disagree. I find it incredibly offensive. As a Korean, I resent the implied stereotype that we eat dog meat. In fact, if this Chan Ho Bark character ever dared show his face around me, I’d give him a piece of my mind, right after I finish my game of StarCraft.

    • Walter (the woof) Berry

      Liking the shout out to Sherman as well, though I am a Johnnies fan.

  • Donnette

    Hi Lucy – A crown will look so cute on you!!! I’ll provide the feather boa!

  • Martha

    I like all of them, but Bentley’s picture has stolen my heart. He’s very dignified looking and quite handsome.

  • stephanie

    Have to go with the mutt Mago–poor baby living out of dumpsters in Kentucky–she’s earned this!!!!

  • Sean


  • Judy

    Ah, Lucy, you gorgeous gal! You go, Girl :).



  • Blair M.

    GO LUCY! You are so CUTE!!! 😎

  • Ed the animal expert

    Lucy is THE DOG!

  • Joe

    Go Cooper Go! I just got around to sending the link out. Love you pup!

  • Judy

    Lucy for president in 2012!

  • Doug

    NC for Lucy! Go girl!

  • Lacy

    Bentley is so adorable!

  • Raquel

    Bentley is handsome and wins easily based on looks. I hear his owner is hot too!

  • Paige

    Raquel–Stay away from Bentley’s owner, Sean. Sean is mine–he just doesn’t know it yet. I LOVE YOU BENTLEY!!

  • Andrea

    Bentley is the cutest dog ever. He is absolutely adorable!!!!

  • Judy

    aww what a sweet face Mago has!

  • Linda Uram

    Mago’s story alone should make her leader of the pack. Looks like a real sweetheart to me. I know she is grateful for her new life.

  • Joe

    I sent the link around the office, but after one person voted all of the replies said thank you we have already recorded your vote. Weird.

    • That’s a byproduct of one of the security measures taken to ensure the integrity of the contest. In certain cases, it can prevent people from voting on the same network as someone who has already voted. The best way to get around this is to ask people to vote at home.

  • Joe

    Got it. Thanks!

  • Joe

    I think there is some voting fraud going on. I made one lap around my building and came back to see cooper had 12 more votes in one minute! How cheap is that?!?!

    • Sarah

      Agreed-I noticed the same thing last night for Cooper. Too bad this can’t just be a fun game.

      • Joe

        I am Cooper’s owner. I can tell you I am sharing the link and putting it out there, but I am not doing anything that would be considered questionable. I was slow on Monday because I was on holiday for the 4th.

        We appreciate the support though!

      • All: Thank you for your concern about the contest. Rest assured that the contest is well-protected from repeat voting.

        Regarding votes rapidly going up: in just the first hour of some of the initial rounds, we observed hundreds of votes cast. Was everybody cheating? No. It’s a result of people asking friends, family and co-workers — via email, social networking, or in person — to vote for them. We explicitly encouraged this, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

        • Sean

          Grow up Sarah!

  • Mike

    I noticed the same thing re: Cooper. I found the numbers jumped an even larger amount for Cooper then was reported earlier, in literally a few minutes. It would be very easy for a technically astute person to be able to fool the system. No matter how large of a network someone may have, such a large number of people in a very limited amount of time would absolutely not vote for a dog in a contest like this. Something is definitely up! Just being honest—sorry

    • Martha

      In his defense, it would seem like a lot of votes during business hours is semi-normal with the way these e-mails fly through offices. It’s the huge blocks of votes during weird hours or weekends that should raise suspicion. Arlnow sounds pretty confident that they have plenty of measures to defend against improprieties.

  • Mike

    Looks like Lucy is getting trigger happy. smells funky if you ask me.

    • Chan Ho Bark

      hopefully that is just the sauté!

  • Ellen

    Yea Mago. Go for it.

  • Vick

    Here’s my recommendation: Have the dogs fight it out. I got a shed out back I use for this purpose and be willin to have you peps over fo legit. $100 minimum bet.

    • Chan Ho Park

      I do like my meat tenderized!

  • mik3v

    COME ON COOPER all of NY has your back

  • James

    Let’s go Lucy!!!! No dog is cuter!

  • Penrose Neighborhood

    All of the Penrose neighborhood should be voting for our very own Lucy

  • Barton St

    Penrose Power! Voted for Lucy but all the dogs are very cute

  • Doggpound

    Lucy dogg

  • Misty

    Saw this on the Towers listserv, go Lucy! She is so cute

  • Becky Hensley

    I used to have a dog that looked just like Lucy. Lucy has my heart and I know she will win. Have a beautiful day, Lucy. You are my pick of the litter. Becky

  • S. Pair


  • Joe

    Go Coopy Go! From NY, NJ, VA, DC, MD, and CA we all love you!

  • Tito Lover

    Looks like Cooper is using the same underhanded tactics he used to win Group D. Strange that there are no comments in support of him other than his owner and he still has 700+ votes. Not to mention the mysterious source of 100 votes since this morning. Tito should have been there!

  • Sean

    Seriously Tito love. ARLNow has already confirmed MULTIPLE times that there isn’t any cheating.It’s one vote per person (or per computer, I guess). So unless you can prove that Cooper’s is like at some bestbuy or computer lab, i suggest keeping ur comments to urself.

  • Cliff

    I agree. Tito didn’t make it out of group D, get over it. Doesn’t mean that your dog isn’t cute, simply means that more people thought that Cooper was cuter. Go COOPER!

  • Sean R

    For the record all of the posts by Sean are not Sean the owner of Bentley.

    • Sean

      Good point Sean R. sorry for any confusion. Bentley is a REAL dog fo show.

  • Mike

    I love how all of the lucy supporters jump on Cooper for having a jump during the work day, in the morning, or whenever. But when in the course of an hour, Lucy jumps 40 votes not a word is mentioned. Oh wait, no Lucy comments! Lucy must be cheating.

    • Martha

      Probably because no one is at work still and no one cares about this contest anymore.

  • Leigh

    I am Tito’s owner and there are no sour grapes here. We are just very happy to have Tito in our lives and regardless of the outcomes, he will always be the cutest dog in Arlington to us!

  • Katie

    Did it occur to you that there are a lot of people in other time zones? If Cooper’s owner put a link to the “contest”: on his/her Facebook page, Twittered it, etc, then the network could be enormous. These things catch on and people like a bit of light relief.

    As with all things in life, it’s marketing. We had a similar online contest at work and the top two winners were not the cutest pets–but their owner worked it.

    • Sean

      except in this case, Cooper’s owner is working it AND Cooper is the cutest dog.

  • Jean & Pepper

    Lucy is Pepper’s favorite breed other than her own and Lucy has the IT factor.

  • Joe

    Cooper Won!?!?! YAY COOPY!

  • mik3v



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