• Jacob

    There have been a spate of recent water main breaks in Arlington. Most noticeably, to me personally, the one at 2nd and S Courthouse. I found all news accounts to be factually wrong. I leave out of my house (just a few doors down from the intersection) at about 6:35 weekday mornings. That friday there was already a 4 ft gushing geyser. A (I assume) county employee was doing nothing but taking pictures on his cell phone. I can ignore that, if i didn’t have to get to work at the hospital I would have also been snapping pics. But the local news reported the main broke at 10:30 that morning.

    It took all day, until nearly 7:30 pm for water to be restored. Not faulting Arlington for that. Repairing water main breaks take time. But we were not informed formally of the situation. I went to this site to garner information, but found none.

    Again, this monday, water was shut off again. And again, no notice to residents. Also, no news coverage about it. Not on the local televised news, and not on this site. What’s the deal. I checked the county website, nothing about the monday repairs and requisite water shut down.

    I’m feeling let down. Though I applaud the county’s workers for tackling the problem, working their hardest, we residents that were affected were 1) not informed directly of the problem, and 2) not updated about progress. I was not expecting the monday water shut-down, and it was very inconvenient.

    • Mike

      A) So when you turned on the tap and nothing came out, was that your first clue something was wrong? Or were you really wanting someone to let you know that your water is “officially” out?

      B) What do you expect the county to do? Walk door to door and say “hey, your water is out” instead of concentrating resources on fixing the problem?

      There is no bigger critic than me about the slackers that work for Arlington County. It usually takes bitching at them about the same problem several times before they address it, but when a major event occurs (like a water main break) they usually bust their humps trying to get service back in order.

  • AG

    I live at 2nd and S. Courthouse too and I was wondering why there was no Arlington Alert or anything on the county’s website about it. Our water was out for a while and when it came back on their was a bunch of dirt in it and it smelled like burnt plastic but the workers on site told me the water would be just fine to drink! I ended up running the water until the sediment was gone but I was still wondering why there was no water alert. Also, there is still water trickling up through the asphalt a little further down on S. Courthouse toward the entrance to Washington Blvd. I called to report it to the water people but nothing has happened and that was a few days ago. I thought water main breaks were a winter issue. One recently happened in Rockville too!


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