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by ARLnow.com July 16, 2010 at 5:36 am 1,537 11 Comments

Dangerous Curve Near Roosevelt Island? — Bicyclists on the Bike Arlington forum say that a sharp curve on the Mt. Vernon Trail near Roosevelt Island has been the site of numerous wipe-outs, at least one of which resulted in broken bones. The main problem with “Deadman’s Curve” seems to be that the painted wooden surface gets extremely slippery after it rains or even when it’s humid. Posters are calling on the National Park Service to make the surface more abrasive to prevent further accidents.

Arlington Caterer Ditches Plastic Bottles — Shirlington-based Main Event Caterers has done away with bottled water — at least the kind that’s plastic and disposable — in favor of a reusable glass bottle system. The company, which is already 100 percent wind-powered and carbon-neutral, says the move will significantly cut down on waste. “We believe that businesses have a responsibility to not only protect but also improve our natural environment,” a company rep said in a press release.

Smart Growth Advocate Criticizes Northrop Grumman Move — Northrop Grumman’s decision to move its headquarters to the Falls Church section of Fairfax County instead of a Metro-accessible site in Arlington has attracted some criticism. Stuart Schwartz, executive director of the Coalition for Smarter Growth, told the Falls Church News-Press that the decision “is disappointing” due to the new headquarters’ distance from Metrorail. An off-the-record source tells ARLnow.com that proximity to transit wasn’t much of a concern to the 300 or so executives who will be the primary tenants of the office. What was more important? Proximity to certain country clubs.

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  • Mike

    “What was more important? Proximity to certain country clubs.”

    Trying to be populist Scott? Try harder, because I doubt you will find the execs of NG sipping Martinis at Jefferson Park anytime soon. It is *gasp* — PUBLIC — after all.

    The Smart Growth crowd should be PRAISING NG for not selecting a building near Metro, since the people that work there aren’t going to use it anyways! Save those locations for the unwashed who ride the rails.

    • Scott

      You’re right — most of the execs in the office would be driving anyhow (although the support personnel who will be working there might appreciate some public transit).

      I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the country club thing. It was just an interesting tidbit thrown in a recent discussion with someone familiar with NG’s decision-making process.

      • Mike

        Well next time you talk to them there aren’t any CC’s near that location.

        • Westwood County Club in Tysons is not too far away.

          • Mike

            Arlington has ANCC/WGCC which are MUCH closer. What your contact really meant to say was “I blame rich white men for everything”

      • Joe M

        Dunn Loring/Merrifield metro is 1.5 miles from the location. But more importantly, these are NGC executives. Wes Bush has a driver. These folks aren’t gonna live next to Metro, nor are they gonna ride Metro. For that matter, they probably won’t be at their offices that much.

        Also, I read somewhere that Merrifield is second only to tyson’s on Fairfax’s list of places to redevelop.

        I don’t get why everyone is so jaded by this. It’s not like they are contributing to sprawl, by building a new building, or locating in an area that will need major infrastructure upgrades to support the workers they bring. They picked a location that has wonderful road access, that has hotels and restaurants and parking.

  • Let’s Be Free

    Anyone who knows anything about the Fairview Park area understands that the local links (off the north end of Fairview Park Drive) is Jefferson District — a 9-hole Fairfax County Muni built under the power lines, with four driveable par-4’s and a 385 yard par 5, heavily played by old codgers, women of all ages and neophyte youngsters.

    The site has great inexpensive golf accessibility for the ordinary Joe or Jane. I’ve been paired at Jefferson with rank and file Verizon employees who worked in the building that Northrop Gruman is purchasing. Better for a company to locate in area where there are opportunities for their employees to be outdoors and active rather than in a condo canyon where the after-work opportunities tend towards alcoholic beverages and fat and salt laden appetizers.

    • Lou

      The clubhouse serves a pretty good hot dog too.

      I can throw a golf ball from that 7th tee to the green. I’ve also seen guys drive the 1st green over the trees and water. Fun little course.

      • Mike

        Jeffeson rocks. And its affordable too.

  • Let’s Be Free

    Makes me feel like Tiger or Phil — on the Par-4 9th I gotta hit a 5-wood lest I drive the ball through the clubhouse window or into a patron scarfing down a dog on one of the plastic porch chair and table combos.

  • Lou

    regarding “Dead Man’s Curve”, I think this is the place they are talking about. Draw your own conclusions.



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