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NYC Firefighters To Donate World Trade Center Steel to Arlington

by ARLnow.com July 16, 2010 at 7:55 am 2,473 18 Comments

On August 28, a 6 to 10 foot steel beam from the World Trade Center will arrive in Arlington to serve as a memorial to those who lost their lives on 9/11.

The steel is a gift from the the Fire Family Transport Foundation, an NYC-based firefighters’ charity, and members of the New York Fire Department. Two years ago a similar donation was made to Shanksville, Pa., the crash site of United Flight 93.

Police cars, 500 motorcyclists and NYFD’s ceremonial Engine 343 (named in honor of the 343 firefighters who died when the twin towers collapsed) will escort the beam from Brooklyn to Arlington. A brief arrival ceremony is expected to be held at the Pentagon Memorial, to be followed by a more elaborate ceremony the next day.

The Arlington Fire Department is still planning the August 29 event, but it will likely take place at Fire Station 5 in Pentagon City, which was the first to respond to the Pentagon after it was hit by American Airlines Flight 77.

At a county board meeting on Tuesday, Arlington fire chief James Schwartz says a final resting place for the beam has not been decided, but said it may be placed next to a piece of limestone from the Pentagon.

Board member Barbara Favola asked if the beam could be converted into a piece of public art and displayed “in a visually attractive way.”

“It really is more like a memorial, and public art and memorials are two different things, I’m told,” Schwartz said.

  • Skeptical

    “Converted into a piece of public art”? “Visually attractive”? Is this woman channeling Martha Stewart? Oy veh.

  • Efrem

    “Board member Barbara Favola asked if the beam could be converted into a piece of public art and displayed “in a visually attractive way.”

    What? Melt it down and turn it into a bench in a dog park or a community compost bin in Clarendon?

    I hope the fire fighters both here and NYC keep close tabs on this one.

    Remember when the County Board hired some progressive “artist’ a few years back at great taxpayer expense to dress up the sewer plant? The “Sewer Art” effort never came to fruition and taxpayer dollars were wasted (another great example as to why the COG needs to prevail – would never happen if a Supervisor represented the district that included the sewer plant).

  • Mike

    I wish someone Favola would convert. Into compost.

  • charlie

    ms favola’s lyon village pedigree is showing.
    a beam from the WTC in Arlington — wow. take it. put it up.
    now how about that piece of the Berlin Wall, with all the garffitti on it…

  • Let’s Be Free

    Beam me up Barbara. What planet are you from? Always good to hear from you and your good buddy, Chris “Let the Pentagon Burn” Zimmerman.

  • John Goilios

    Favola is an idiot. It will be interesting to see what happens with this.

  • Ugh…

    Barbara Favola just insulted every FDNY and ACFD career and volunteer member who served with distinction on 9/11. She is completely disconnected from reality if she thinks that “public art” would be an appropriate use for such a hallowed memorial. — A Volunteer Firefighter/EMT

  • Mike

    Send a message to FFTF leting them know what Favola wants to do and have them put a stop to it!


    • To supply some balance here, Ms. Favola didn’t say it’s something she’s going to push for, she just asked about it. She later said she was “very proud and very pleased” with the memorial.

      • Efrem

        “if the beam could be converted into a piece of public art and displayed “in a visually attractive way.”

        No need to provide balance here ARLnow.com…………….it’s very clear that Babs Favola wants this rusty hunk of iron that represents “American Aggression? to be converted in some manner to represent something softer that will not tick off Favola’s fellow anti-American progressive travelers.

        Favola et al are out of touch with America.

        That’s is why they all need to go.

      • Mike

        So now we know where her (and the rest of the CB’s) priorities lies. “Art” is always at the forefront of their thinking.

        I think members of the community should participate in some performance art of their own. On the day the grand opening of the Artisphere, everyone should eat a nice meal of chili dogs with sides of baked beans, cabbage and onions. Then enter the ribbon cutting ceremony and “cut loose” inside.

        Flash mob meet fart mob.

        • Skeptical

          Someone flips an arcing switch and that will be a flash mob.

          Mind you, I knew an Arlington activist who kept committee meetings short exactly that way. Hard Times Cafe, extra habanero. Cross my heart.

  • Efrem

    Do you remember when the County Board sent out a taxpayer funded flyer for one of the early 9/11 anniversary events in Rosslyn and called for foreign flags to be flown throughout Arlington to celebrate diversity?

    These folks got to go!

    • Mike

      Please tell me your making this up….

  • Efrem

    Here’s a direct reference from a 2002 county news release from then County Board Chairman Chris Zimmerman:

    “The chair of the Arlington County Board says a multi-national display of flags will honor the county’s diverse population and show what it truly means to be an American.”

  • Cookie

    I certainly hope it is put on display, but I don’t think we should camouflage what it is. What is the point? I would find it totally insulting if that were done. I wish public officials would think before they speak.

  • John Antonelli

    She really is an idiot and should be ashamed of herself. How someone can be so clueless about 09/11 is beyond me. Kudos to the fire chief for putting her in her place.

  • Arlington

    If it is to go anywhere, I agree with the firechief that it should go at the Pentagon. Maybe incorporate it into the Pentagon 9/11 memorial.

    In all honesty, I don’t really want a piece of WTC here in Arlington. 9/11 happened. There will be other terrorist attacks in our future, other wars. Do we have to over dramatize and nostalgize everything to death? This 9/11 it turns out I’ll be in NY. Maybe I’ll go down and hand out copies of the bill of rights to the idiots protesting the mosque. That’s what 9/11 is about to me. Let freedom ring.


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