Severe Thunderstorm Rolls Through Arlington

by ARLnow.com July 25, 2010 at 5:04 pm 1,448 10 Comments

Update at 11:30 p.m. — In Arlington, 8,800+ Dominion customers are still in the dark at this hour. Most are expected to have power by morning.

Arlington was pounded by high winds and heavy rain this afternoon as a severe thunderstorm rolled through the area, turning roads into rivers and knocking out power in several parts of the county.

As of 4:45, more than 8,400 Dominion customers were without power in Arlington. A single, widespread outage is affecting the area around Arlington Ridge Road and the eastern end of Columbia Pike.

Arlington appears to have been spared the worst of the storm’s wrath, however. In the City of Alexandria, nearly twice as many homes lost power. And in the District, authorities were reporting numerous instances of trees down and rescues in progress.

  • sas

    Power went out in Fairlington in the 9 o’clock hour, long after storms passed. No further info about when it will be restored.

  • TechNomad

    Power went out abruptly in the Shirlington area about 9 PM. We heard a distant explosion immediately after the electricity died, which we have come to associate with a blown transformer. No residential power anywhere within a mile or more – streetlights, traffic signals and businesses with emergency power are the only the lights functioning in the area of Walter Reed / Four Mile Run. Now, at 11:10 PM the power is still out.

  • Cwa

    And still no word from dominion on how long til it gets fixed.

    • TEGEoA

      Calling and asking them when it will be restored always makes them work harder.

  • Katie

    Live just off Columbia Pike and Walter Reed. At the height of the storm, lightning hit the transformer on the pole right in front of my house. Huge sparks! That was it for the electricity until 8:40. Went to Shirlington for dinner–interesting to hear that it lost power later on.

  • Darwin

    Make sure you are signed up for Arlington Alerts and never be caught by surprise!

    I got a text and an email about 20 minutes before the storm hit. I had no idea we were supposed to get rain let alone a downpour like we had because I tend not to watch the news on the weekend, definitely saved me from getting wet!

    • Stacey

      Same here! We were driving around looking at Open Houses when I got the text. We passed a Mom, kid and dog running home as fast as they could who didn’t know the storm was approaching.

  • AllenB

    I had a similar experience to Darden. I had no idea bad weather was coming that soon – the skies didn’t look all that dark. But 25 minutes before it hit, I got the text and it made a huge difference.


  • Pope Lando

    Power winked off in my place in Crystal City for a second, which was enough to reset clocks and the cable box. Hours later, I went outside and the power were still off in Pentagon City west of Hayes Street, as well as the lights at the Air Force Memorial.

  • Observer

    Power was still out this morning (8:30a.m.) just off of North Glebe Road near Chesterbrook Road. There is a group of about 20 houses that always are the last to get power back.


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