Arlington Restaurants Paying Off Tax Debts

by ARLnow.com July 27, 2010 at 3:51 pm 2,577 9 Comments

A handful of tax-delinquent restaurants have all reduced their debts to Arlington County over the past eight months. But the restaurants still collectively owe the county hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid meals taxes.

The now-defunct Bebo Trattoria, Arlington Catering Company and Murky Coffee owe $133,825.80, $66,581.76 and $46,240.93 respectively as of July 12. That’s down from $156,330.96, $70,734.58 and $52,949.69 (according to a past Washington City Paper article), for a total reduction of $33,366.74 collectively.

Shirlington’s Extra Virgin and Clarendon’s Tandoori Nights, both of which are still in business, also paid down their considerable debts.

Extra Virgin has paid down $10,939.45, and now owes $72,280.27 — which is still the second-highest figure on the meals tax delinquency list. Owner Shary Thur did not return a phone call for comment earlier today.

Tandoori Nights, owned by the Indaez Group, has repaid $14,048.07 and now owes $18,721.78.

Other Arlington restaurants near the top of the list include Wall Street Deli, Bob & Edith’s Diner, Armand’s Pizza, and Hamburger Hamlet.

  • Supplementary factoid: Murky got nailed for tax evasion in the District, too, leading to a possible 40-year prison sentence that he pleaded out:


    If you have any sympathy for the guy, don’t. Believe in karma instead. Here’s his infamous “I’ll punch you in the dick” letter to a customer:


    • Thes

      But in his favor, he does seem to be one of the few people who know how to spell and use “tack”.

      • NorthArlingtonGuy

        Thes – “…who know how to spell and use ‘tack.'”

        +1 – If I hear one more person at work use, “a different tact,” I’m going to jam a pencil through my eardrum.

        It should be noted that this is not enough to turn me into a Nick Cho fan, though.

    • TGEoA

      [quote]No modifications to the Classic Cappuccino. No questions will be answered about the $5 Hot Chocolate (during the months we offer it). No espresso in a to-go cup. No espresso over ice. These are our policies. We have our reasons, and we’re happy to share them.

      Soup Nazi’s red-headed step-child.

  • Anthony

    Meals taxes are paid by us customers when we eat at their establishments and this tax should be turned over to the County. That’s our money they fail to turn over. So if the restaurant doesn’t pay OUR meals taxes to the County, they are stealing from us!!!

  • Jen

    I consider these taxes that I pay to be held in escrow for the tax authority. If a restaurant fails to forward the taxes to the proper authority (in this case the Commonwealth of Virginia and County of Arlington) they are STEALING.

    I will not be visiting any of these restaurants in the future, ever.

    • Chris

      I hear ya, but if everyone goes that route the businesses will go out of business and the county will never get its money.

      • Jen

        If the crook(s) go out of business good! They are stealing, I could care less about them. Pretty certain tax debts are towards the top in liquidation. Let someone come in who doesn’t steal from their customers.

        On another note — what is the % that a sit-down restaurant should be charging in Arlington? I’ve been to some places and calculated the % that they charged as tax and didn’t quite think it was right. It should be 9% total, right?

        I was somewhere and it came out to be 10.5%….

  • Patron

    It does not suprise me Extra Virgin owes back taxes…I remember they use to hold paychecks for staff, even some of the bands would get stiffed after a night’s hard work. I didn’t realize there were some many delinquents, but EV sitting pretty in #2 is not something new. They have been consistent in not fully paying taxes. NOt getting my business.


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