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  • bea

    wow. you guys really have a hardon for northside social, don’t you? seems like every other post is about that place.

  • Wanted to like the place,

    but the food in inconsistent and mediocre, and the service sucks.

    • Wanted to like the place,

      make that “the food is”

    • Clarendude

      I’ve only tried the muffins and pastries and thought they were pretty good and original. I have noticed some of the items changing a bit as if there was some tweaking going on by the chef. I kind of like that, and some of the creations are pretty awesome (e.g. Espresso-Chocolate Almond Muffin).

      I think the service is good (as in the people seem friendly and make an effort to be efficient), but the layout combined with the number of customers is a bit awkward. The line for service extends back through the dining area behind the window-counter seating and just feels not right. They may be able to fix that with some reorg of operations. Part of the problem is they are trying to be so many things (coffee house, sandwich shop, wine bar, wine shop, bakery etc).

      • Wanted to like the place,

        One day, I waited five minutes in line to order the granola. It never came. I had to wait in a ten minute line to talk to the girl at the register, because the people in the kitchen just said they couldn’t help me when I asked where my granola was. When I finally got the granola, it was disgusting.

        Another day, I waited about 20 minutes to get the soup and sandwich I ordered.

        The lines are awful all hours of the day and night.

        I think the space is really nice; I’m just seriously unimpressed with how they run the customer interface. Makes me not want to go back.

    • TGEoA

      The service does suck. I’ve had friendlier and more efficient service from people with learning disabilities.

      And no I’m not making fun of people with disabiities. I appreciate the fact that Safeway and Giant are kind enough to offer them employment opportunities.

  • fan

    I feel pretty lucky to have a good, reasonably priced non-Starbucks coffee option in my neighborhood. The staff have always been friendly, and the coffee and pastries have been tasty. Most neighborhoods aren’t fortunate enough to have a good independent coffee shop–so I’ll forgive any (tiny) annoyances such as lines.


    The way orders are taken and distributed is seriously lacking any concrete process. They need to do a number system and run food out. Also I would suggest a busing station outside. I’d leave a comment at Northside but didn’t see a comment box there 🙂

    • Wanted to like the place,

      Agreed wholeheartedly re: the outdoor busing station.

  • Audra

    I would love to watch this video in its entirety, but after about 40 seconds, I’m completely nauseous. Who filmed that? An “art student,” no doubt.

  • MC

    I really like the concept, and appreciate how they have brought a pleasant public space to a rawer edge of Clarendon.

    But to talk food, need to be brutally honest. The coffee can be bad – not mediocre, but bad. And I’ve talked to many others who say the same. If they can’t deliver their core product successfully, it feels like a fraud.

    And while I love innovation, I hate gimmicks. Bacon ice cream? Chocolate scones? Please, it is a sign that the staff in place is trying compensate for lack of talent with gimmicks and base ideas that will appeal to people lacking taste.

    My hope is that this place will grow into something good, rather than something merely popular — currently so popular they don’t seem to care about being good. It’s not the Liberty Tavern, yet.


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