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  • Jack

    I would be interested where you got the number. If you look at the outage by region section on the Dominion Power website (http://www.dom.com/storm-center/dominion-electric-outage-summary.jsp) it says there are 18K customers out as of noon.

    • The figure we’re citing is just for Arlington.

  • MM

    Is it me or is this area hypersensitive to thunderstorms? I used to live in Orlando where we’d have major storms (and occasional hurricanes) come through on a regular basis and we almost never lost power. But I feel like every time it rains here, the power goes out, particularly in South Arlington. Is this an infrastructure problem?

    • JW

      Probably not a lot of large deciduous trees overhanging power lines in Orlando, right? That’s one factor at least.

      • SF

        Yes, there are plenty of deciduous trees in Florida. It may shock you to know there are plenty of other types of trees other than palm trees there — plus tropical storms in the afternoons during the summer (with winds that can get up to 60 mph+ at times which is way more severe than Virginia storms) — and we never had as many power outages as VA. I know, I lived in South Florida and I agree with MM, you took the words right out of my mouth – there IS an infrastructure problem in the DC metro area along with bad signage and awful roads.

  • South Walter Reed

    Still no power in my neighborhood a full 24 hours after the storm.


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