Goat’s Head Among Weird Things Found in Barcroft Park

by ARLnow.com August 9, 2010 at 10:15 am 7,511 21 Comments

A group of 20 volunteers conducted one of the more eventful clean-ups of Four Mile Run over the weekend.

The group, which cleaned up the portion of the stream that runs through Barcroft Park, filled 28 trash bags with items found in or around the water. Among the items they found were a bicycle, a computer, a 70 pound metal beam and — most amazingly — the severed head of a goat, horns and all.

“I have no clue what it was doing down there amongst the plastic bottles, pens, styrofoam cups, baseballs, etc… but it smelled quite foul and we bagged it with all the other garbage,” Dan Bronson of Arlington’s Community Volunteer Network wrote in an email. “It still had the skin on it so it hadn’t been there too long.”

Bronson said “everyone was mystified” as to how the goat’s head got here in the first place. One theory was that it washed downstream during Thursday’s storm.

“Who knows!” Bronson wrote. “In my experience Four Mile Run stream clean-ups tend to have at least one quite unusual object.”

To say the least.

Saturday’s stream clean-up was a joint effort of several volunteer organizations. There were six wounded warriors on hand from the veteran groups Team River Runner and The Mission Continues. Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment and the Community Volunteer Network sent volunteers and helped to organize the event. A couple of Lockheed Martin employees also joined the clean-up.

In addition to the stream clean-up, volunteers also pulled and threw away a number of invasive plants found around the park.

Click here for more photos of the event.

Photos courtesy of Dan Bronson.

  • A Attura

    Guess what?
    Goat’s Head = some kind of religious ceremony — they sometimes find that in Central Park in NY City — and they KNOW that these sacrificial rites are going on there. Perhaps the powers that be might want to look into this a bit more.

    • BaronS

      Freedom of religion? Not in my county!

      • ilj

        Religion doesn’t have to involve animal torture.

        • JesuX

          You’re quite right. I’ll stick with my ritual cannibalism, thank you very much.

    • When I lived in North Arlington (off Sycamore), my dog found a disembowled, skinned goat in a trash bag in the wooded area behind my town house. I thought it was a dog at first, so I was pleased (I guess pleased is the right word?) that it wasn’t somebody’s pet. I called animal control who called the cops. Apparently, this happens somewhat frequently in the DC Metro area.

  • LP

    Maybe it was one of the poor performers from the Goat Race, umm, I mean, America’s Polo Cup hosted by the Salahis.

    • I realize this is mostly a dead post (I was out of town for a week), but I just wanted to comment and say YES. I am glad someone else is watching RHODC…also, not to nit pick, but it was a goat RODEO…not race 😉

  • FarmerGiles

    It could be someone’s pet, I suppose?

    • Greg

      Sure, don’t we all have loving childhood memories of our pet Goat heads?

  • More Gore Al

    No picture of the goat head?
    Story does not deliver, -1!

  • YTK

    If that had been a dog or a bunny’s head there would have been an uproar — but it was “just” a goat, right????

    • DeDhaba

      Mmmmm. Tasty tasty goat.
      I’m in the mood for a Goatie Roti now, thanks!

  • charlie

    maybe the goat was trying to swim across the border into North Arlington.

  • Trees

    This new website for channel 7 is horrible. This will be my last post and probably last visit to the channel 7 ‘site’.

    • Birdman

      I agree. This far too confusing for my taste.

  • Lou

    Livestock in my county? Unpossible.

  • Chuck

    had the rolling stones been in the area with a soup pot?

  • BoredHouseWife

    I don’t practice Santeria, I ain’t got no crystal ball….

  • VAfamily

    Thanks to all the volunteers in this stream clean-up, who gave their time and effort to make the park nicer for all of us. We appreciate it!


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