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MS-13 Gang Graffiti In Pentagon City

by ARLnow.com August 11, 2010 at 3:37 pm 8,471 34 Comments

Notorious Salvadorian street gang MS-13 is active in Northern Virginia, which is easy to forget in the low crime environs of Arlington County. But for anyone who has walked past the old DHL warehouse between Eads and Fern Streets in Pentagon City recently, the gang’s presence has been on dispay.

This graffiti — with the words “La Mara Salvatrucha” and the number 13 — was scrawled on the side of the brick warehouse, near a heavily-traveled path that Metro commuters take to get to the eastern end of Pentagon City.

A police report was just taken and building management is now working to clean up the graffiti.

It had been there for at least a week.

  • BrownFlipFlops

    You see Vatos Locos and Surenos tags out there, too. Arlington County is pretty responsive about gang graffiti. You can contact them using the following:

    “To report graffiti, contact our non-emergency number at (703) 558-2222 or file a report using this online form – http://www.arlingtonva.us/departments/police/incident/new/start-report.html.”

    It’s worth it. It gets cleaned up almost immediately, and the County Police Gang Unit gains information they can use.

  • CrystalCity’er

    wow…today must be a slow day

  • Efrem

    Perhaps if you elected County Board members like this you’d see less of MS-13 in Arlington:


    Of course, that cannot be expected since progressives are so sensitive and caring and believe in social justice for criminals!

    • fatkidspecial

      what a ridiculous and stupid comment.

      • Efrem

        Did you eat too much tofu at the global warming seance last evening at Jay Fisette’s house and it is now interfering with your Tuesday colonic irrigation?

        • fatkidspecial

          only question… are you five or six?

    • fatkidspecial

      and for the record – simply deporting suspected gang members is one of the main reasons MS-13 was able to spread and cement their presence.

      • GK

        I believe you need to explain why deportation is ineffective? It may not be clear to all readers, including myself. Also, @Efrem, being a smart ass doesn’t help make your case, nor educate anyone. I for one want to understand what options there are because I do not believe criminal activity should be condoned.

        • fatkidspecial

          there’s a lot of stuff out there on this… here’s a pretty good summary –

          Gang Uses Deportation to Its Advantage to Flourish in U.S.

          • JR

            okay – i guess we can just shoot them on sight instead of deporting them. not sure of the alternative. spending taxpayer $ on jail and rehabilitation? no thanks – i’ll take the first two options.

    • Jackie

      @fatkidspecial, I totally agree with you and I know exactly what you mean about why deporting gang members makes their presence worse here. Please educate yourself, @Efrem

    • John Antonelli


  • Let’s Be Free

    Arlington County is super fast and effective removing graffitti. They are to be commended.

  • efrem

    Question: Why doesn’t Arlington County remove illegal aliens as super fast and effective as they remove graffitti?

    Answer: They are awaiting President Obama, through executive fiat, to grant illegal aliens amnesty so that in return they vote for Democraps.

    Question: Why doesn’t Democrap County Board member Jose Walter Tejada entice illegal aliens to return to their home countries and seek citizenship through legal means and assimilate into the fabric of America like the rest of legal IMMIGRANTS?

    Answer: Under the fake auspices of progressive social justice, Democraps want as many illegal aliens as they can garner to depend on Dempcraps using the tax dollars of hardworking and legal Arlington residents to fund the perpetual social justice teat that illegal aliens suck on at the expense of legal Americans.

    • John Antonelli

      Why doesn’t any ask were Jose Tejada (yes that is his real name)went to college. Answer, he never went to college. Sooo he is ‘dealing’ with complex issues and he doesn’t have a basic understanding. Nice and only in Arlington

      • efrem

        Mr. Antonelli:

        Dr. Jose Walter Tejada graduated with full honors from the Chris Zimmerman School of Transit and Trolleys and his graduate thesis was titled “Tolerance and Thomas the Tank Engine – Providing Portable Play Track To Prospective Illegal Alien Children Awaiting A Government Subsidized Train Ticket To America Provided By Democraps Doing All They Can To Keep Democraps in Power.”

  • LA

    Why don’t we deport efram intead?

    • efrem

      Dear LA:

      I am so glad that your mother didn’t abort you under the Democrap auspices of being a mere “choice” so that you can show how stupid you are due to your inability to refute my thesis stated above.

      By the way, how do you live as a progressive Democrap bring governed by a Democrap ruling class that couldn’t find their way to Warrenton without military escort?

      Bite me lib!

      • charlie

        jee efrem, you make me seem normal. thanks for the fringe commentary.

  • fatkidspecial

    Efrem and JR… Your love for strawman arguments is part of the reason nothing has been done on illegal immigration.

    Yes, it’s annoying dealing with gangs of illegal immigrants or drivers that have no concept of how to drive. I wish more was done on these issues… But, If you really think rounding up 10 million+ people and shipping them out of the country is going to work then you’re an idiot. Posturing over pragmatism is what has created this stalemate… so keep on ranting but that method only delays something actually being done.

    Also, I’ve noticed more and more the members of these gangs are not necessarily illegals but first generation kids looking for a way to fit in. They’re not inherently bad kids, but gangs are often as easier way for them to assimilate, especially in a culture filled with rednecks like you. So some of this ‘socialism’ crap of reaching out to them w/ after school programs is actually not a bad patch to the problem. I know, you’re probably part of the new fad to repeal the 14th amendment to solve this, but once again… that’s simply not going to happen and you’re an idiot if you think it’s anything more than a play to the ignorant conservative base like yourself.

    I’m no fan of the county board… they’re incompetent and awful. But if you want to blame them for the situation with illegal immigrants, you’re way off base.

    • SC


    • JR

      @fatkidspecial – talk about strawman arguments – that there are only two choices: mass deportation or amnesty. that’s false. if you enforce the laws by only allowing legal workers to work – the $ will dry up and the illegals will go back home.

      in addition – i never blamed the county board for the illegal immigration problem… but they are certainly complicit given 1) the recent decision by the police department to refuse to ask questions of immigration status during normal police action; 2) the building of day-labor sites in the county; 3) the lack of enforcement of housing violations… allowing homes to be illegally subdivided, etc.

      • fatkidspecial

        again, I never once used the word amnesty… that’s in your head. the solution requires a balance that many folks on both sides can’t accept, which is why there’s little chance of something actually being done.

        Just like sending postcards of fetuses out right before an election, Republicans are looking to capitalize on some raw feelings of this debate and generate (negative) energy…. but not actually looking to solve anything. You guys appear to be buying it like when GWB sent out all this abortion crap, or convinced rural america there was going to be a gay dance party in their living rooms if they didn’t vote for him. The people getting you all pissed off about illegals to the point you say, even jokingly. “okay – i guess we can just shoot them on sight instead of deporting them. not sure of the alternative.” simply view you as a pawn.

        • Greg

          To me, your point is so obvious I don’t know why it’s even debated. Clearly, immigration is good, it’s good for business, it’s good for consumers. But the U.S. Government needs to know who is crossing the border and be able to control who is entering the country.

          Just establish control over the border, increase enforcement, and at the same time allow many more immigrants into the U.S. legally. But people need to get over their xenophobia and horror over police activity to make it happen…

        • JR

          amnesty is allowing illegal immigrants to be given a path to legalization. you don’t have to say the word to describe the reality. and i’m no one’s pawn – that degrading and disrespectful. in addition – the real problem is that we have a over a 50% unemployment rate for uneducated black men… those are the jobs that the illegal immigrants are taking. where’s the outrage over that???

          the solution is simple – enforce the laws – this will force companies to increase wages and benefits and job training for legal workers. why is that a bad thing???

          • fatkidspecial

            i think you’re twisting the meaning of amnesty… In the case of immigration, amnesty is generally referred to as a blanket granting of citizenship, not a tiered or multi-step path to citizenship. I didn’t argue in favor of either – I simply said you if you want to start putting 10+ million illegals on trains out of the country, you’re going to run into some significant logistical, legal and ethical issues.

            As far as “uneducated black unemployment” being at 50% What does ‘uneducated’ mean – lack of college degree? unskilled labor field? lack of hs degree? lack of any education? Regardless, I know of no BLS number that is that high unless you incorrectly count employment as a portion of the population, not a as percentage of labor market participation.

            Using your math, the overall level of Whites unemployed is 41%… Those aren’t real numbers.

            The economic woes of ‘uneducated’ black men, might be slightly linked, given the new competition in the pool of unskilled labor… but there’s a lot more to blame that problem on beyond a little competition.

  • Darwin

    When enough people are raped and killed by illegal immigrants there will be some interest in enforcing immigration laws. Until then no one cares about the current victims.

    • Jackie

      Wow that is SUCH an ignorant comment. You really should learn some real facts before you speak.

  • umm

    back to the actual subject- I heard that MS 13 gangs have a Ritual to kill people on Friday the 13th, is this something anyone else has heard. I didnt know they were active in the area so now I am a little scared because Friday the 13th is tomorrow- are there any warnings about tomorrow- should we be extra careful doing certain things? For example- in College Park on Friday the 13th they targeted people on bikes. Any helpful insight would be appreciated, better to be warned and aware than clueless.

    • fatkidspecial

      yes you’re doomed.

      • MB

        Pretty much. I hear they target anonymous commenters on local news sites with special software. Don’t believe me? Look up the stock symbol for the company that makes your computer software. MSFT. That’s short for Mara Salvatrucha Finds Them. True fact.

        • Skeptical

          bwaaa haa!

  • Chris

    It was still up this morning.

  • Arlington Officer

    This is a complex issue and I don’t have anything concrete to add at the moment, but I had to say that I find it hilarious that at the bottom of this debate I see the following web ad “Get help from Brian D. Lerner. Deportation/Immigration Problems? Get a Consultation in 24 hours!”. Now that is effective targeted marketing! 🙂


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