The Changing Demographics of Arlington’s Schools

by ARLnow.com August 13, 2010 at 10:51 am 2,125 26 Comments

At a community chat hosted by the African American Leadership Council of Arlington Wednesday night, Arlington Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Pat Murphy was asked about the changing demographics of the school population.

According to Dr. Murphy, school administrators have observed the following trends:

  • An increase in Hispanic students
  • A stablization in the number of black students
  • A decrease in white and Asian students

A relatively low 15 percent of Arlington residents have school-aged children, school officials said. Roughly one quarter of the school-aged population attends private schools.

  • Efrem

    The increase in Hispanic students is directly linked to Arlington being a welcoming sanctuary county for illegal aliens fleeing other parts of the Commonwealth with the hopes that once Obama grants amnesty through executive fiat, the newly minted American citizens will forever vote for Democraps.

    • InsertFoot

      Racist old white people who want to criminalize children are directly contributing to my blood pressure rising.

    • Fat Kid.

      aww poor Efrem….the world is out to get you.

      btw, i hope you realize the main reason Arlington is able to buck the theoretical limitations of ‘full employment’ is b/c of immigrants.

      • JR

        @Fat Kid – do you have any correct facts? arlington has low unemployment because of the federal government. illegal immigrants have been pushed out of the county over the past 3 years due… but our unemployment rate has remained low.

        • Fat Kid.

          hah. thanks for that wonderful piece of info. from the guy who claims black unemployment levels are 50%.

          Unfortunately, I think you are completely missing my point. So let’s start here… The concept of ‘full employment’ is a hypothetical level of unemployment that occurs even when the economy is expanding rapidly due to structural variables. The labor market’s skills, salary demands, etc. etc. do not always match perfectly w/ the economic demands of employers – thus creating a structural unemployment level barrier to growth.

          In the eighties many economist and including the God you probably don’t even know you have, Art Laffer, argued full employment was around 7-8%. In the 90’s full employment was estimated to be between 4-6%… Arlington is really an anomaly in economics because the county was able to reach an unemployment rate under 2%.

          There are many reasons it was able to do that. Exceptionally educated workforce, desirability to live here (relocate from elsewhere if necessary), yes the federal govt, several years of solid and stable growth allowed better human capital planning and, sorry JR you may not like this, but a steady stream of unskilled labor willing to fill any job opening on the lower rungs played a major role in getting the county below 4%.

          Bumping up against full employment, while a generally viewed as a good thing, creates barriers and slows economic growth in almost every case where it is achieved., The immigrants who are the subject of your frequent rantings, played a significant part in overcoming these economic barriers and allowing the economy to boom in a way that is pretty much unrivaled.

          I’m sorry if you lost your job or are ‘structurally unemployed’ but in Arlington there’s no one to blame but yourself.

          • JR

            young african-american uneducated men have a 50% unemployment rate. that’s a fact… you should try and use one every once in awhile. look across the river. DC has high unemployment of non-skilled workers. this should provide zero reason to hire illegal, unskilled workers in Arlington. But that’s not the case. I can only assume people in Arlington are racist and not interested in hiring a young black man when you can get an illegal to do the work at 1/2 the cost.

            and i do have a job… because i’m educated and was given a chance. but, unlike you, i actually care about my brothers across the river who never got a shot at making a better life for themselves. My people are dying in the streets from poverty, and here you are making a case for illegal immigrants who steal our jobs.

            i’m not going to assume you’re a racist… just uneducated. but because you are white, you can have a job. pathetic.

          • Fat Kid.

            “young african-american uneducated men have a 50% unemployment rate. that’s a fact… you should try and use one every once in awhile. ”

            Please enlighten me as to where I can find a source of this ‘fact’.

            to quote my previous response to your use of this ridiculous number…

            “As far as “uneducated black unemployment” being at 50% What does ‘uneducated’ mean – lack of college degree? unskilled labor field? lack of hs degree? lack of any education? Regardless, I know of no BLS number that is that high unless you incorrectly count employment as a portion of the population, not a as percentage of labor market participation. Using your math, the overall level of Whites unemployed is 41%… Those aren’t real numbers.”

            The economic woes of ‘uneducated’ black men, might be slightly linked, given the new competition in the pool of unskilled labor… That being said, there is far less of a barrier to the unskilled labor market for blacks than there is an illegal, non-english speaking, immigrant.

            There’s a lot more to blame than a little competition. The truths can be uncomfortable which is why we’ve had a hard time addressing the opportunity deficit in the black community.

          • JR

            again – taking the side of someone who shouldn’t be in this country over your fellow citizens. i can’t believe someone would espouse such racist sentiments… but racism is alive and well in this country. please move to alabama where you belong.

          • Fat Kid.

            you still can’t provide a link to what you keep asserting as a fact. i’m assuming at this point you’ve googled the hell out of that and are starting to realize you’ve been making stuff up.

            and please list one thing i have said that is racist. btw, you lose. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law

          • Let’s Be Free

            Fat Kid try this link, page 2…..


            Looks to me like unemployment rate for 16 to 24 year old nonstudent Black or African Americans, less than a high school diploma is 52.8 percent (229/434) or 48.9 percent for students. For high school diplomas, same demo’s unemployment rate 30.9 percent (289/936) or 22.7 percent students. So it looks like JR is correct if by uneducated he is talking about no high school diploma, which sadly is a very high portion of the constituent population.

          • fatkid

            okay… among 16-24 year olds with no high school diploma not currently enrolled in any education program the unemployment is extremely high. If you want to break it down that narrowly then yes, the unemployment level is going to be extremely high. It appears to be highly skewed by an even narrower demographic of 16-19 year olds, who are much less likely to be employed. If you bump it up to include blacks w/ only a high school diploma and no college the rate drops 20%.

            Across the racial spectrum, the high school dropout demographic is going to have astronomical levels of unemployment. Truth is, regardless of race, that segment of the population has no one to blame but themselves for limited opportunity.

    • charlie

      efrem, you are mistaken. well not so much mistaken as more old news broken records. right now the overcrowded schools in Arlington are ALL Elementary Schools in NORTH ARLINGTON. full of upper class white kids. the ONLY school in North Arlington that has room is — Barcroft — because, actually, our Board has rezoned most of Buckingham and huge parts have been (and will be these week) torn down. These units were poor and mostly hispanic and had kids at Barcroft. Now gone.
      So your tune is a bit old and out of date.
      Can’t wait to see teh 2010 census numbers.

      • Greg

        This is why I asked about stats below. I would have expected white students to be up somewhat. Maybe it depends on the timeframe used….

    • SC

      seriously, it is a dare or something that you will include the words “Obama”, “executive fiat”, and “Democraps” in each of your posts?

      • Efrem

        Just expressing the truth my friend. We are taking back America from Democraps like you and the field day starts in November.

        You appear to be decent, yet a brainwashed Democrap that drinks the ACDC and Obama koolaid.

        Liberalism is a fraud and a mental disorder. It is not based on fact. That is why no Democrap has ever refuted me with fact on this otherwise very worthwhile blog.

  • Greg

    Are these just “observations” or are there stats available?

    • Fat Kid.

      this is arlington we don’t speak numbers, we speak feelings. fostering a nurturing environment for all.

    • Let’s Be Free

      Fat Kid hits the nail on the head. APS data show exactly the opposite of what Murphy claims.

      See http://www.apsva.us/15401081104241813/blank/browse.asp?A=383&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&C=54557

      To summarize, according to APS statistics, white student population has grown each and every year since 2002 (surging from 41.7% in 2002 to 48.4% in 2009), Hispanic student populaton in APS declined every year but one (33.9% in 2002 down to 26.3% in 2009) and black student population dropped most years (14.3% in 2002 to 12.7% in 2009).

      Murphy is not to be trusted — he was hired not because of skills or competence (limited at best) but because he totally buys into the Arlington Way where the truth is whatever the ACDC wants it to be.

  • k

    Ha! Effenem has been lulled into complacency by the liberal MSM. The real truth is that these Hispanics working in our midst are actually undercover storm troopers who, when given the signal, will ride transit en mass into DC and help Obama put the country under socialist, no wait, Islamic, no, I mean United Nations control.

    • Jessie

      @K: lol, good one

  • Matt

    “A relatively low 15 percent of Arlington residents have school-aged children” yet the school board (granted through an established agreement with the CB) gets about 55% of all our tax revenue? WHY!?!

    • Clarendude

      At least two main reasons, I think. Many of the “no kids” set recognize that good schools help property values. Also, people with kids tend to be more politically active. A third reason for those not falling in the above categories is that they just don’t know the percentage, or don’t care.

      • Anthony

        Good schools are not just important for property values. They also attract businesses to the county. Their employees usually look for things like the quality of schools.

    • charlie

      arlington has a long history of supporting excellent public education, that’s why. is the 55% number a good number? Not in my opinion.
      I support the schools and want to continue for them to be excellent. Look at Alexandria, our fine neighbor, the schools are horrible and if you can scrape together a few dimes (ok, several thousand dimes) you sent your kids to the abundance of private schools that are available there.

    • JR

      because the electorate doesn’t want to be labeled anti-education by actually examining, and base-lining education funding. given the previous story that Arlington schools are largely failing the state education tests – i don’t think arlington is getting a good return on its investment.

  • Steph

    This should be fun…


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