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Ballston, Pentagon City Mall Food Courts Cited For Pests

by ARLnow.com August 16, 2010 at 1:56 pm 5,120 10 Comments

The Ballston and Pentagon City mall food courts are great places to eat, if you’re a rat or a cockroach.

A review of health violations by the Washington Examiner revealed that every food court vendor in each mall has been cited for one or more “critical health violations.”

Signs of roach or rodent infestation were found in sixteen food court vendors, the Examiner reports. Subway and Texas BBQ Factory get the dubious distinction of being cited for infestation in both Ballston and Pentagon City.

To see the health violations for yourself, click here then search for “4238 Wilson Blvd” (Ballston Common Mall) or “1100 S Hayes St” (Pentagon City mall). The search box is in the upper left-hand corner.

Flickr photo by Daquella Manera.

  • FYI

    Virginia Department of Health restaurant inspection records are available online: http://www.healthspace.ca/Clients/VDH/Arlington/Arlington_Website.nsf

  • TEGEoA

    I’m shocked. That whole mall is falling apart.

  • Kim

    So critical violation doesn’t necessarily mean cockroaches. Boo, that’s no fun! From the site: “Examples of critical violations include poor temperature control of food, improper cooking, cooling, refrigeration or reheating temperatures. Such problems can create environments that cause bacteria to grow and thrive, which puts the consumer at risk for food-borne illness.” http://www.healthspace.ca/Clients/VDH/Arlington/Arlington_Website.nsf/Food-Main?OpenPage#Violations

  • V Dizzle

    I didn’t see any restaurant without critical violations. I believe the problem is when they aren’t corrected and when the violations are ‘flagrant’. Go ahead and check out your favorite restaurants on there.

    • agree

      Yes, I agree; I checked a bunch of restaurants, and just about all have critical violations. It looks as though it’s almost impossible not to get them. I’m glad the inspectors are strict–but we shouldn’t assume that these places are all endangering our health, either.

  • charlie

    the inspectors seem to be out in force right now. quite unusual for them.
    the funny thing is that the inspectors go in cycles. I used to get inspected and I knew that every seven weeks on Tuesday somewhere between 2-5 they would stop by. I always got 100 scores.

  • That Examiner article came out a few weeks ago. I wonder if any of the worst offenders were shamed into cleaning up their act since the article?

  • We call it the DIRT MALL… for a reason!

  • The Verizon Center recently scored a 100% on “Vendors with critical violations”, so unfortunately, this is nothing new for the area.


  • Precious

    On Tuesday, August 17th I saw a roach crawl across the McDonald’s counter and the cashier tried to ignore it until I pointed it. Then she got upset when I decided not to eat there…


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