Volunteer Opp: Teen Tutors Needed

by ARLnow.com August 16, 2010 at 11:34 am 2,866 6 Comments

Want to make a real positive difference in a teen’s life? An Arlington-based affordable housing organization is in “serious need” of tutors for its educational programs this fall.

AHC Inc. (formerly Arlington Housing Corporation) has been running its teen tutoring program for more than 15 years. Tutors act as a teacher, mentor and role model for ask-risk middle school and high school students who live in AHC communities. They work one-on-one with the teens, devoting at least an hour and a half per week.

The program has been a great success so far. Last year, all of the program’s seniors graduated high school and 80 percent went on to college. Many of the students who went to college were the first in their family to do, according to AHC spokesperson Celia Slater.

This year, the non-profit is searching for up to 60 mentors to meet the needs of its growing programs. The 90-minute tutoring sessions take place on weeknights at six locations in Arlington, two of which are Metro accessible.

Tutoring will start on September 13.

For more information on becoming a tutor, contact Jennifer Cavaliere at cavaliere [at] ahcinc.org or 703-486-0626.

  • Jessica

    Channel 9 did a nice feature on them this weekend — check it out! http://www.wusa9.com/life/community/herocentral/story.aspx?storyid=107476&catid=264

  • Katie

    I’m going to look into this.

  • Efrem

    (Comment deleted)

  • MB

    On even something as basic and decent as a call for volunteer tutors, our resident troll has to bring the name-calling, the hate, and the bottomless ignorance that drives him. ARLnow, this kind of stuff is working to make the comments here as useless as those at the WashingtonPost.com site. I hope you’ll consider adopting and enforcing a policy which gets rid of value-free stuff like this, while still retaining the back and forth that makes comments worthwhile.

    • Efrem

      Dear MB:

      As a Democrap progressive, how can you be so intolerant of diversity of thought? Oh I forgot, diversity to Democrap progressives only applies to all races except white people.

      Everthing I detailed in my previous post is the platform and dictate of the Democrap progressive party that you robotically support, fund and constantly vote for.

      Perhaps you and your Democrap progressive

      • Efrem,
        Please refrain from name-calling and pointless negativity. I want you to be able to speak your mind, but just as graffiti is not protected speech, neither is ‎​trash talk in our comments section. Let’s keep some civility here. Thanks.


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