Photos from the World Trade Center Steel Ceremony

by ARLnow.com August 29, 2010 at 2:10 pm 5,949 16 Comments

Hundreds gathered outside Arlington County Fire Station 5 in Pentagon City this morning to commemorate the donation of a steel beam from the World Trade Center.

“This morning we gather to recognize the bond between Arlington, New York and Shanskville [Pa.],” said Arlington County Fire Chief James Schwartz.

Dozens of New York City and Arlington County firefighters were on hand for the ceremony. Music was provided by a large bagpipe corps and a youth choir from Georgia.

The steel beam — one end twisted and torn with remnants of concrete still attached — was from the North Tower of the World Trade Center, according to Paddy Concannon, president of the FDNY Fire Family Transport Foundation, which arranged the donation.

Following the beam’s unveiling, firefighters took turns reading the names of those who died in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.

The beam was transported from Brooklyn to Pentagon City on Saturday. It was accompanied by hundreds of motorcyclists on its journey to Arlington.

The steel will remain on display outside the fire station until a more permanent memorial is constructed.

More photos after the jump.

  • S. Arl. resident

    Great photos ARLnow.com. Thank you for posting them so quickly. I am going to put the flag out right now in honor of those who “gave all.”

  • Efrem

    The American Flag? This is Arlington after all.

  • charlie

    I hope Arlington does a national competition for the artist to make this memorial. Most of the so-called public art in Arlington is fairly mediocre, at best.
    This is a one-time opportunity to something dramatic and respectful. Let’s do it right!!

    • steve

      charlie: This not ART! It is an memorial that needs to as it is…

  • Darwin

    In related news liberals were briefly proud to be American before reverting back to complaining about how we deserve to be hated by the world.

  • V Dizzle

    Great images. Thank you for posting.

  • ArlingtonGuy

    Darwin, shame on you for taking this historic event where people lost their lives to show your political stance. You should be ashamed of yourself. Try to think before you speak next time. ArlNow, thank you for covering this event. Hats off to all the folks who serve on the front lines everyday. Be safe!

    • Darwin

      The truth hurts. Case in point I watched my street go from me being the only one to fly the American flag before 9-11 to almost every one flying one to now me being the only one left again. Their patriotic attention span is about 12-14 months; it makes me want to puke so shame on them.

      • nauf

        Darwin, really? your standard for patriotism is whether or not someone flies the American flag? do you also pray from a tall tower to be sure everyone can see how devout you are?

        • Darwin

          Flags are just one indicator of many, other indicators of how liberals don’t really support America is the way they cheered every new death of a soldier so they could finally reach round numbers like 2,000 and 3,000 for their signs to try to rub it in the face of Bush supporters. It was a sickening use of loss for political gain.

      • charlie

        whether or not i fly my flag has nothing to do with my patriotism. to suggest so it just absurd. i do things everyday to make our country strong. flying a flag is just a symbol. my actions are more important.

  • Bob

    Alas, the County Board will probably try to turn it into a bike rack.

    • Darwin

      They’re currently trying to figure out of there is a way to tax it!

  • S. Arl. resident

    I am not an Arlington liberal Darwin. I put the American flag out for National holidays and special events such as the one ARLnow promptly reported. I put my flag out to support the people who serve our country and community and put their lives at risk and especially for those who died for community and country. Most of my neighbors put their US flags out for National holidays. I thought the comment from Barbara Favola about turning the steel beam into “art” was offensive.

  • Jackie

    Apparently some citizens of Arlington wanted the steel to be melted down and turned into some art piece in a park. the ACFD said NO WAY and the steel will reside at Station 5. Its spot now is temporary but don’t expect the steel to be turned into anything else or become “art”. It has a very important meaning and is a reminder of the great heros who gave all on that day.

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